Eat, drink and be merry in your car hire Johannesburg

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We hope you have decided on a car hire Johannesburg for at least a week, as apart from all the other various attractions you can explore in this buzzling city – you will simply have to spoil your tasting buds too and pay every single one of the below mentioned restaurants a visit.




All good things come in threes


You do know what they say: That normally, the best things comes last. Well, not this time. We’re starting off with the crème de la crème of all those unrivalled establishments. We’re starting with the Rock, or better, The Rocks. As in this case, it is like it is with triplets: Three almost identical restaurants with regards to concept and menu but with a different interior styles. To make it even more complicated, one of them is right next to another restaurant which is also run by the same owners. So, we promise you: Taking your car hire Johannesburg and getting there is more than worth it in many ways.

Find the latest furnishing trends


Your first destination would be the Design Quarter in Fourways. Let’s first give you some quick insight in this unique little centre in the north of the city, that offers you inspiring ideas when it comes to furnishing and revamping your home. Even if you might stay in a hotel or bed and breakfast for the time being, you will definitely take some of the latest décor trends back home in order to incorporate them to your living space. A unique item from one of the plenty lifestyle shops or even some smaller paintings from one of the hip art galleries might even fit in the boot of your car hire Johannesburg vehicle and respectively in your luggage, too.




Satisfy your senses


As we all know, even shopping in the excitement of all ambiences can make you tired. Soak up some sunshine in the open-air piazza – and make sure to get a seat in the Rock or the Carnelian. The two restaurants melt into each other, and they both offer a variety of delicious cuisine and drinks – so why not first dine in the Rock and then head upstairs to the bar in the Carnelian? Not only will you find a cocktail and wine list that leave no demands unanswered, you can even enjoy prosecco-on-tap while watching the skilled barmen mixing unparalleled creations of rum, gin, or champagne chef-d’oeuvre’s.

Experience a new level of food presentation


Situated below the Carnelian, you can feel the passion for food in the very moment you enter The Rock. The owners know that even the most delicious food must be matched with a unique atmosphere in order to allow an extraordinary dining experience. And that is exactly what you get, you meet the simple concept of combining the cooking of Mediterranean-inspired dishes over an open coal fire with outstanding little extras that make The Rock a once in a lifetime meal affair.


Indulge in their delicious signature dish, chicken Escalibur, which is presented on a sword and boasts of flavourful exotic spices, try the fresh oysters, or taste their delicate sushi. The food is the ambience, an absolutely perfect mixture of contemporary design and classic colours, sustainable materials and state-of-the-art interior result in a blend of coolness and warmth.




Much more than a drink


Back to where we started: The Carnelian. Once you have stilled your appetite, move to the social and sophisticated bar at the Carnelian and quench your thirst. Or better, savour award winning wines, sip your favourite long drink in either the intimate and comfortable lounge area inside or on the large chill out deck under the open sky – in each case, the Carnelian sets new trends. And even if the chances are small that you should still get something in your stomach, you can maybe treat yourself to a midnight snack as getting back to your car hire Johannesburg without tasting the tantalizing tapas would be a real shame.


You can book your seating online under or Thanks to the commodious underground facilities, parking your car hire Johannesburg at the Design Quarter is easy. If you desire a longer drive without missing the extraordinary dining experiences, get to one of the two other places where you will find The Rock – with the same specially created menu options, sumptuous bites and first-class alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Still in Johannesburg, you find the restaurant in Kyalami Corner – it does take you slightly longer to get to Hazelwood in Pretoria.
Delicious meals in a sought-after suburb.

The opening has happened against all odds: At times where most catering businesses struggle thanks to the reduced number of tourists in the country, The Rock in Hazelwood opened on the 11th of April 2021 for the public – and the public didn’t have to be asked twice to make use of it. No wonder – offering the same excellent food, wines and unforgettable atmosphere as in Johannesburg, The Rock in Pretoria with its 190 seats serves every desired meal from breakfast to dinner in the green surrounding of the Hazelwood area. The N1 highway is close enough to allow you uncomplicated access with your car hire Johannesburg vehicle. Try to get there on a Saturday morning and take the time to visit the popular Hazelwood Food Market before having lunch in The Rock.




Ancient landscapes in modern times


It hardly gets any more sophisticated than in Sandton, the world-known Johannesburg suburb with its contemporary architecture using materials such as glass and chrome, housing companies and libraries, art galleries and coffee shops, wellness oases and of course shopping facilities. Park your car hire Johannesburg vehicle close to the bronze statue of Nelson Mandela and take a walk across the busy streets until you hit the Ethos restaurant.




Right from the beginning, the authentic Mediterranean cooking, the minimal use of furnishing and colour and the open kitchen around the signature olive tree have made big impressions on Ethos’ guests. Opened in 2019 by renowned restaurateur Chris Tatsakis, not only the fresh, high-quality and novel Italian, Greek and Spanish inspired cuisine is handmade but also the interior: All tiles were individually produced in Morocco, the ceilings were given a special effect of warmth and tranquillity by adding textiles such as suede or velvet. The ancient architecture of Southern Europe meets up-to-date cooking in the Southern Africa.


Choose a table next to a wall with a stucco effect and structural columns, and indulge in dishes consisting of octopus, ostrich meat or orecchiette. The variety of the wine menu might make the decision difficult – but no worries, you can’t get wrong here!

For more info, go to the

From Sandton to Soweto


The two suburbs could not be any more different. Thanks to your car hire Johannesburg you can drive to both areas in a stylish and comfortable way. Today, Vilakazi street in Soweto is on your list. Not only known as home to former South African president Nelson Mandela as well as Archbishop Desmond Tutu – each of them a Nobel Peace Prize winner – but also for its bustling street life, the mix of cultures, with a permanent hint of jollity and cheerfulness in the air.




In short: The perfect place for a family-friendly restaurant with authentic African culinary delights. Locally produced vegetables and grains are being blended into luscious dishes which are being served underneath an impressive tree, offering shade in summer and a feeling of security whenever the South Easter is howling through the streets outside.


Being the first eatery on Vilakazi Street back in 2001, the Sakhumzi is named after its founder and has created a special atmosphere of friendship and social cohesion up until now. As you can see on their website, you can choose between a buffet or a la carte menu.

It’s in the family


No wonder you can feel the love for food immediately once you enter one of the various Tashas’ – no matter which one you choose. As cooking has been part of the owner’s family for generations: The great-grandfather knowing all about seafood thanks for his occupation as a fisherman, the grandfather swapping the ocean for a flour mill and selling his baking goods, the father creating everything from soups to desserts as a restaurant chef while his wife was taking charge of the kitchen in their own home.




The Tasha’s at the Nelson Mandela Square in Johannesburg presents the finest dining experience of African glamourous cuisine – as glamourous as the Sandton’s shopping centre is itself. You do not even have to get up early during your holidays as you can enjoy one of their hearty breakfasts made of free-range eggs or fresh South African fruits up to 6pm. No matter what time you choose to get there in your car hire Johannesburg vehicle – you will feel the quality of the food in every small detail while soaking in the special vibe of the exquisite area.


Planning to travel across the whole of the country? No need to do so without the Tashas – just choose the one which is the most conveniently situated:
Hidden gem with black dumplings

You speak Japanese? No? Don’t worry, you will not have to in order to order … from the Momo Kuro’s menu. The name being translated to ‘black dumpling’, next to the speciality dishes you can choose between dim sum, poké and tapas as well. You will have found the small, extraordinary restaurant which is still marked as a literally hidden gem, arriving in your car hire Johannesburg vehicle, get out and walk through the Keyes Art Mile before exchanging some friendly small talk with the security guys so they let you pass … Once having succeeded the task, climb the steps of the fire escape stair and be finally rewarded with the most magnificent views of Jozi’s Rosebank.




But it is not only the mysterious place nor the modern, sublime, marble décor, the many local artists on the tables next to you or the bustling atmosphere that make the Momo Kuro such an outstanding restaurant. As the varied Pacific Rim fusion with only the freshest ingredients on your plate deliver a flavour explosion no matter which of the eclectic dishes you choose.


The drink menu is as unusual and displays healthy beverages such as wellness drinks or coconut waters. The Momo Kuro is the newest of four restaurants belonging to the Momo group. With the Momo Baohaus being the mother of them all, have a look at their website in order to get some more information about the black dumpling:

Top of the range


Finally, a show-off: Altogether twelve South African restaurants have made it among the top 1,000 of the worldwide acclaimed La Liste, ten of them situated in the Western Cape, and two in the Gauteng province. Handpicked by no others than globally recognized food experts, let’s see where you should steer your car hire Johannesburg vehicle to:

The Mosaic at the Orient in Pretoria shared the title of the country’s most prestigious restaurant with The Test Kitchen in Cape Town. Located inside The Orient Private Hotel you will be taken on a culinary journey of modern fine dining while the Belle Epoche decoration makes you feel like being thrown back in time.


The second winner: DW-Eleven 13 in Johannesburg, Feel invited to undergo an unknown food experience with familiar dishes being modified to cases sui generis by adding experimental, globally influenced, mystic twists.