Daily life in Longstreet

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Longstreet is well known to be the more energetic street of Cape Town. If you don’t visit Longstreet, you don’t visit the mother city. It’s filled with many shops, a lot of restaurants, many pubs, cafe, bookshops and so on. The vibe is always nice in Long Street. During the day, you can do shopping at the African stores to bring souvenirs from South Africa. You can also take a seat in of the many restaurants for lunch time. You have the choice between different types. The nightlife is also crazy in Longstreet. The vibe is fantastic during the weekends.


Here is a list of restaurants you might find:

–        Mama Africa

–        Long Street Café

–        Masala Dosa

–        Fork

–        Yours Truly

–        Lola’s

If you would like to try the bars:

–        The Dubliner

–        Zula sound bar

–        Beerhouse

–        Chrome

–        Fiction

In other words, you won’t get bored in Longstreet.

Moreover, Around About Cars is located in the perpendicular street to Longstreet called Bloem Street. 20 Bloem Street.