Countdown to Afrika Burn – Camping is Fun!

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Going to AfrikaBurn for the first time? Here is our guide to help you along.

What to bring:
*The climate– expect cold nights, hot days, wind and dry air. Temperatures can range from the 30s down to freezing. Bring summer gear for the day and thick winter clothes for night. The warmest sleeping bag you can find.
*Factor 30+ sunscreen and heavy duty lip ice. The dry air does serious damage.
*Your tent needs to be big enough so that there is shade for the hot sun at midday.
*You need a seriously big hammer and extra strong tent pegs to get through the hard ground.
*Don’t forget to dress up – almost everyone does, but it really does not matter if you don’t. If you do dress up don’t wear heavy or hot clothing, you will sweat during the day.
*A headlamp or torch is essential.
*Take a cup wherever you go. Nobody hands out cups if they are offering water, tea, coffee or alcohol.
*Bring 5l per person per day of your own water.
*First aid kits are essential.

*There are portable toilets. If you want to wash, bring a portable camping shower and extra water.

Getting around
*Bring a bicycle, with a repair kit, if you can, it really helps
*Take all your rubbish out with you when you leave.

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