Choosing the right car for your road trip

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South Africa is blessed to have a plethora of destinations available, offering numerous attractions for you and your family to explore. Enjoy the experience of a lifetime and embark on a well-known “rite of passage”, commonly known as the infamous road trip. There are plenty of Cape Town car hire companies that are ready to initiate your adventure.

In order to enjoy your trip to its full potential, you need to ensure that you choose the correct car that is best suited for your chosen destination. If you are planning to go on an adrenalin-pumping off-road adventure with your 1.4 litre Sedan, your trip will end as quickly as it begins; a robust, stone-crushing 4×4 is essential for this trip. If you are not in possession of one of these beasts, there are reputable companies that offer car hire in South Africa at affordable prices; tried and trusted brands such as Land Rover or Jeep are available for your convenience. The only con here is that you can’t be afraid to burn through a large amount of fuel, but if you utilise cost effective car hire, your wallet won’t feel the dent.

  • Powerful engine (this includes power output (kW) as well as torque)
  • Excellent traction control
  • Diff Lock
  • Sufficient ground clearance

A trail that will certainly bring an element of excitement to your trip is the Kalahari 4×4 Trail, which has been characterised as the apex desert trail, providing an enjoyable challenge to drivers. To avoid getting trapped in the sand, make sure that you deflate your tyres (this sounds strange, but it is critical.) The trail spans a distance of 200 kilometres.

In contrast, if you are planning a road trip with a group of your friends and have no set destination, a 4×4 is not the optimal choice. For long distance trips, which occur on tarred roads, you will need to choose a car with the following specifications:

  • Spacious boot for luggage, food and beverages
  • Air conditioning, allowing for temperature changes
  • Excellent fuel economy
  • Sound system that has USB and AUX functionality for your music needs

As stated above, your destination is the key factor when it comes to deciding which type of car is best suited to your needs. Whichever vehicle you decide to rent, the overabundance of awe-striking options that South Africa possesses will ensure that your trip is one that will be filled with memories that will be ingrained in your mind, forever