Cheetah Outreach – Animal Sanctuary

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Cheetah Outreach is an animal sanctuary and home for endangered species. It focuses on the plight of the cheetah. Through donation and voluntary workers the whole is funded and supported to set a sign against the emergency.

The animals are kept in huge enclosures and there are always people around them who care for them. In addition to the long-term workers there are also some very dedicated volunteers from around the world who love working with the animals.


If you’re an animal lover you should definitely come here.Visitors have the opportunity to choose between different animals, which they then pat, feed or with whom they can go for a walk.


– Cheetah – Adult


– Cheetah – Cub


– Serval


– Caracal


– Black – backed Jackal


– Meerkat


– Bat – eared Fox


With all these animals you can interact and see how tame these animals can be. However, it should lead always bear in mind that these are all wild animals and can also be dangerous. When you get closer to the animals, two employees will always be with you, which give you instructions and keep an eye on the animals. Before and after you have come into contact with an animal your hands and feet are getting disinfected to prevent disease transmission.

How to get there?

Cheetah Outreach is located in Somerset West. Take your Around About Cars vehicle and drive along the N2 towards Somerset West.