Car Hire Cape Town: Western Cape Game Reserves

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The one positive aspect of the COVID-19 Pandemic is that many South Africans are cancelling their overseas trips and exploring South Africa instead. One of the most popular activities at the moment is visiting the many South African game reserves. We have selected our top ten favourite Western Cape game reserves which you can visit in your AroundAboutCars car hire Cape Town.


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Top Ten Western Cape Game Reserves:


Explore any one of these amazing Western Cape game reserves in your AroundAboutCars car hire Cape Town.


1) Indalu Game Reserve:


Indalu Game Reserve is known for its guided elephant tours. You can experience walking alongside elephants, interacting with them, and feeding them with a provided snack bucket. The walking distance is about 1 kilometre and will take an hour and a half, thus it is an easy activity to enjoy with the entire family!


If you are not up to the walk but are still eager for that Instagram picture with an elephant, Indalu also has an elephant interaction centre at the facility.


Indalu is located 30 kilometres from Mossel Bay, a harbour town situated along the famous Garden Route. When travelling from Cape Town to Indalu in your car hire Cape Town, expect an estimated five-hour travel time.


Indalu is open to day visitors, but with the travel distance from Cape Town, we recommend staying the night at one of the exquisite Indalu chalets. Plus, this will allow you to do the sundowner game drive and see the Big 5!


For the adventure seekers, there is also a 4X4 Eco-adventure experience. You can drive along a trail and experience the Indalu at your own pace. AroundAboutCars has you covered with our 4X4 car rental options.




2) Inverdoorn Private Game Reserve:


Inverdoorn Private Game Reserve is a 10 000 hectare luxury game reserve. You can enjoy sightings of the Big 5, giraffes, wildebeest, birds, and numerous other amazing wildlife on the Inverdoorn safari drives.


Inverdoorn is also a well-established cheetah sanctuary. Since 2011, Inverdoorn has taken great steps towards ensuring the survival and sustainability of the cheetah population in the wild.


As a visitor to Inverdoorn, you will be able to view cheetahs in their natural habitat. You can also request a safari experience which allows you to watch the release of a cheetah into the game reserve.


It is important to note that you will not be allowed to touch or interact with the cheetahs. Inverdoorn is focused on minimising human contact so that the cheetahs can be released successfully back into the reserve.


Inverdoorn is located in Breede River, which is a two and a half-hour drive in your car hire Cape Town from Cape Town city centre. The quick drive makes it easy to visit Inverdoorn for the day, but there are also luxury chalets for overnight stays.




3) Roam Private Game Reserve:


Roam Private Game Reserve is an eco-conscious game reserve. Roam offers safari drives and guided walks where you have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to track cheetahs on foot. With over 200 species of wild birds in the game reserve, Roam is a birder’s paradise.


When visiting Roam, you can either stay at the Roam Safari Lodge or the Roam Explorer Camp. The Safari Lodge is situated in front of a waterhole where you can sight game as you sip on your morning coffee. The Explorer Camp includes tents that are nestled in amongst trees and allows you to immerse yourself in nature.


Roam is located in the semi-desert landscape of the Great Karoo. The drive from Cape Town city centre is an estimated five hours. AroundAboutCars has a wide range of easy-driving, comfortable vehicles for car hire Cape Town which will make the drive enjoyable.




4) Botlierskop Private Game Reserve:


Botlierskop Private Game Reserve is a beautiful game reserve that is home to elephants, lions, rhino, buffalo, and other game. Alongside safari drives, you can enjoy a safari experience on horseback through Botlierskop.


Botlierskop is family-owned and is centred on making the game reserve a family-friendly oasis. You can enjoy a range of experiences at Botlierskop, such as swimming, children’s activities, or going to the Spa.


Botlierskop is open to day visits and overnight stays in a wide range of accommodation options. It is easy to find a safari experience that works within your budget at Botlierskop.


Botlierskop is situated along the beautiful Garden Route. It will take you roughly five hours to travel from Cape Town city centre to Botlierskop in your AroundAboutCars car hire Cape Town. The drive is worth it as Botlierskop boasts exceptional views of the Outeniqua Mountains and the Indian Ocean.


5) Aquila Private Game Reserve and Spa:


Aquila Private Game Reserve offers exceptional safari experiences. You can view game from safari drives, quad-bikes, horseback, or view game from the sky in either a helicopter or private plane.


Aquila caters to day visitors and overnight stays. You can enjoy luxury accommodation, traditional African cuisine, and a trip to the outstanding Tranquila Spa when staying at Aquila.


Aquila balances your experience with conservation and community upliftment. Aquila has won awards for its efforts towards its various social responsibility and green projects. You can learn about Aquila’s conservation efforts on their eco-synergy tour.


A two-hour drive will transport you from the bustling Cape Town city centre to the wildlife at Aquila. AroundAboutCars car hire Cape Town will ensure that you arrive at Aquila without delay so that you can enjoy this safari experience.




6) Fairy Glen Game Reserve:


Fairy Glen Game Reserve is a free-roaming Big 5 game reserve. Fairy Glen offers guided safaris which will allow you to take amazing photographs, learn more about the area and the game, and leave with unforgettable memories.


You have the option to enjoy morning or afternoon safaris in either a safari vehicle or on horseback. You can also enjoy a variety of nature walks or hiking trails in amongst the amazing scenery of the famous Brandwacht mountains.


Fairy Glen is the closest game reserve to Cape Town city centre as it is only an hour’s drive in your AroundAboutCars car hire Cape Town. If you have planned a quick holiday to Cape Town, we highly recommend adding Fairy Glen to your itinerary.




7) Gondwana Private Game Reserve:


Gondwana Private Game Reserve is a beautiful game reserve which includes the Big 5 and other free-roaming game. You can enjoy the rustic experience of the game reserve in a game drive followed by luxury accommodation and facilities at Gondwana Kwena Lodge.


When visiting Gondwana, you will experience breathtaking views of Langeberg and the Outeniqua mountains. You can immerse yourself in this unique landscape through guided safari drives, mountain biking, or hiking.


Gondwana is situated along the Garden Route. We recommend spending a few nights in Gondwana and exploring the surrounding activities the Garden Route has to offer. From golf to surfing to cultural activities, there are many fun experiences to enjoy alongside the safari drives in Gondwana.


Arrive at Gondwana safely in your AroundAboutCars hired vehicle in under four hours from Cape Town International Airport. AroundAboutCars offers the service to hire cars directly from the airport. As you land, you can begin your journey to Gondwana with AroundAboutCars car hire Cape Town.


8) Melozhori Game Reserve:


Melozhori Game Reserve offers a relaxing getaway nestled in amongst the serene Cape folded mountains. You can unwind, experience the unique flora and fauna, and reconnect with nature at Melozhori.


Melozhori is a predator-free game reserve. You can enjoy sightings of kudu, giraffe, eland, various birds, and more on a safari drive. If you would like to see Melozhori at your own pace, you can explore the game reserve by hiking or mountain biking.


If you are looking for a romantic holiday with a loved one, we highly recommend the Melozhori Eco-pods accommodation. You can choose between the Valley Pod or the Waterfall Pod, which both boast panoramic views, privacy, and luxury facilities.


Melozhori is located two hours from Cape Town city centre. Melozhori is the perfect excuse to take a scenic drive in your AroundAboutCars car hire Cape Town.




9) Buffelsfontein Game and Nature Reserve:


Buffelsfontein Game and Nature Reserve offers guided game drives where you have the opportunity to view lions, buffalo, rhino, and many other game species.


The Buffelsfontein guides are experts on the area and the animals within the reserve. They will leave you feeling informed and in awe of Buffelsfontein.


Buffelsfontein is situated on the Cape West Coast. In about an hour from Cape Town city centre, you will arrive at Buffelsfontein.


Buffelsfontein is also an exceptional wedding venue. Buffelsfontein will easily cater to your wedding needs whilst you get to tie the knot with the beautiful West Coast as your backdrop. Should you need additional transportation to Buffelsfontein for your wedding, AroundAboutCars car hire Cape Town is here to assist.


10) Sanbona Wildlife Reserve:


Sanbona Wildlife Reserve will take you on an adventure. You can explore natural vegetation, wild game, and history at this beautiful game reserve. When you visit Sanbona, you get to enjoy a unique experience whilst contributing to Sanbona’s efforts to preserve the natural wilderness of the area.


Sanbona is a 58 000 hectare wildlife reserve that is roamed by the Big 5 and other game. You can view game from a guided safari drive or boat safari. The unique boat safari will allow you to see game from a new perspective as you wind along the river.


On top of the amazing game viewing opportunities, Sanbona also offers San rock art, a Spa, nature walks and stargazing. We highly recommend spending a few days at Sanbona in their luxury accommodation, soaking up the sunshine and enjoying the peace.


Sanbona is located in the Little Karoo, roughly a three-hour drive from Cape Town city centre. When you pull into Sanbona in your AroundAboutCars car hire Cape Town, you will be amazed by the Warmwaterberg Mountains which tower above the wildlife reserve.


Explore the wild side of the Western Cape by visiting game reserves in your AroundAboutCars car hire Cape Town.