Car Hire Cape Town: The Complete Guide to Vegan/Vegetarian Eateries in Cape Town

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The plant-based lifestyle has well and truly taken the Mother City by storm in recent years, and so specialised vegan and vegetarian eateries have been popping up all over town faster than you can say bean sprout! While vegetarian cuisine is something that has long been relatively easy to come by, speciality vegan and vegetarian restaurants are not – yet the food is, more often than not, out of this world. If you are in search of the best of plant-based eateries in Cape Town, look no further – in just a quick 7-minute read, learn more about the absolute must-try vegan and vegetarian restaurants that need to be on your next car hire Cape Town adventure bucket list!

Lekker Vegan


There’s no questioning why this place takes the top spot on our list of must-try vegan spots in town! Lekker Vegan took the city by storm a few years ago when they opened their doors and introduced the foodies of Cape Town to the concept of vegan junk-food, with their vegan burgers, fries, and the famous Capetonian special – the Gatsby – Lekker Vegan makes plant-based eating feel like a sin (in the best way possible). The vegan gourmet eatery never misses the spot with their crispy “cheese”, tomato and “bacon” burger that’s so decadent you’ll forget it’s not the real deal.


When you make your way to Lekker Vegan on your next car hire Cape Town foodie adventure (because you absolutely must), we recommend giving the nacho bowl and chocolate cheesecake a try – just a few of our heavenly favourites! To learn more about Lekker Vegan or map out your next stop there in your car hire Cape Town rental from AroundAboutCars, please visit:

Plant Café


The name says it all, Plant Café serves up hearty helpings of some of the best plant-based food you can imagine – from vegan sandwiches, wraps and quesadillas to their famous vegan bowls of delight, Plant truly is heaven on earth for any herbivores out there! Everything at this delicious eatery is 100% plant-based, from their home-made eggless mayo, their dairy-free cheese and their smoked tempeh bacon, they even offer gluten-free options! Plant Café gained its popularity for being a spot where even vegans with allergies or intolerances can still enjoy their specialised meals and a vibey atmosphere with like-minded people!


If you find yourself at Plant Café, situated near the Bo-Kaap area circa 2013, be sure to try out their curried potato samosas, the fried potstickers or their sweet coconut cream crepes for a little taste of paradise! To learn more about Plant Café or plan your visit on your next car hire Cape Town trip, please visit:



The Kind Kitchen


Situated in the heart of Woodstock you will find The Kind Kitchen, a vegan café and deli known not only for its delicious food, but also for its good vibes and a surprisingly large parking area for your car hire Cape Town rental! The Kind Kitchen’s menu boasts an impressive selection of smoothies, tacos, breakfast options, salads and wraps among others. Make your way to The Kind Kitchen on your next car hire Cape Town foodie adventure to try any of the number of cold-pressed juices or their sugar-free and gluten-free desserts that will just melt in your mouth!


Our top recommendations for a bite to eat at The Kind Kitchen include their legendary Philly “cheesesteak”, peanut butter pies or the infamously addictive beer-bettered avocado taco! The lunch dishes at The Kind Kitchen have been said to be uncanny in their emulation of the real thing, like their vegan fish and chips or their Impossible burger. To learn more about The Kind Kitchen or plan your next meal there, please visit:

Raw & Roxy


This specialist vegan restaurant was the brain child of Danish owner, Beatrice Holst, who struggled with health problems and turned to a plant-based raw lifestyle to heal herself! Raw & Roxy offers raw meals that are rich in nutrients and guaranteed to give you a burst of energy with every bite. Among Raw & Roxy’s delectable raw vegan dishes, you will find gourmet salads and desserts as well as a grand selection of healthy juices and smoothies on offer.


The menu at Raw & Roxy changes relatively frequently but we always recommend whatever decadent desserts Beatrice has on offer at any given time – you won’t be disappointed! Some of the best raw dishes we can attest to (that you must try if you ever find yourself at Raw & Roxy on your next car hire Cape Town adventure) include: the red Thai curry, the green pesto and tomato relish as well as the raw vegan sushi! Some of our favourite sweet treats also include the famous “Magnum” ice cream (which comes in different flavours) or the lemon-lime cheesecake. To learn more about Raw & Roxy, please visit:



Green & Vegan


This vegan pop-up dining experience, usually located in Green Point Village, is run once every fortnight by Patrick Knight and Karen Fletcher, a couple with a passion for vegan cuisine! The Green & Vegan pop-up dinner experience welcomes anyone, from singles, to couples or curious visitors, who all come together around a communal table to share a vegan eating experience and enjoy good conversation. The food served at these pop-up dinner experiences is strictly vegan, but any and all diners are welcome, with many opting to adapt their eating habits after trying the incredible food served up at this homely eatery!


Patrick and Karen prepare a rotating five-course menu which has various themes so as to explore the various possibilities of vegan dining – tickets go for R399 per person and online bookings are required for a sought-after spot at their table. To learn more about the Green & Vegan pop-up experience or to buy your tickets, please visit:

Nourish’d Café & Juicery


Nourish’d Café & Juicery is the epitome of a trendy Cape Town hangout spot, with a laid-back atmosphere and pet friendly environment, Nourish’d is the ideal place to socialise and gradually graze your way through the deliciously healthy vegetarian and vegan menu! Situated on the corner of Kloof street and Hof street in the Cape Town city centre of Gardens, Nourish’d offers customers a plethora of delectable vegan and vegetarian meal and snack options to get them through the day and leave them feeling satisfied and energized. From healthy smoothies, to gourmet sandwiches, Nourish’d even offers a wide selection of take-home juice cleanses (which is also available to be ordered for delivery).


Nourish’d Café & Juicery’s mantra is that health is a state of complex harmony between body, mind and spirit, and this is perfectly emulated in the style and simplicity of all the goodies up for grabs at the café as well as the décor. We’d recommend giving Nourish’d a try on your next car hire Cape Town adventure, to learn more about this special spot, please visit:

Pure Elixir Café


This cosy café situated on the famous Bree street in Cape Town, is known for its wide assortment of organic, preservative-free goodies including vegan-friendly roti’s, gluten-free baked goods and even homemade milk alternatives like almond, cashew, hemp, oat and coconut milk! Among others, Pure Elixir Café also boasts a variety of speciality teas, raw cold-pressed juices and superfood smoothies that are to die for. Pure Elixir’s simple yet scrumptious menu boasts a selection of home-style meals like curry wraps and other tasty treats.


If you’re not already sold, the one thing we love most about Pure Elixir Café is their environmentally conscious approach, they strive to grow all of their own fruits and vegetables as well as use their wastewater and left over food to feed their garden! To learn more about Pure Elixir Café and why you should pay them a visit on your next car hire Cape Town adventure, please visit:



Scheckter’s Raw


This gourmet health-food eatery is located on the buzzy Regent street of Sea Point, where they specialise in raw, organic, vegetarian cuisine (with vegan options, of course!). Don’t be fooled by the gourmet ‘health-food’ label though, Scheckter’s Raw serves up some of the tastiest hearty meals you’ll ever try, from pumpkin-pie flapjacks to falafel balls – there’s something for everyone! Whether you’re popping in for a raw cold-pressed juice or one of their famous hearty wraps, at Scheckter’s Raw you are guaranteed to be served some delicious plant-based, nutrient-loaded, healing food that will satisfy all your cravings.


When you find yourself at Scheckter’s Raw on your next car hire Cape Town foodie adventure (Because we’re certain that you will!), be sure to try out their smashed avocado burgers, or our favourite creations – their delicious and organic homemade treats like the “Snickers” bar, mocha delights or double doughnuts! To learn more about Scheckter’s Raw and why they’re worth a visit in your car hire Cape Town rental, please visit:

Ground Zero at Marley Coffee


This down-to-earth, unpretentious, no-BS chill spot is probably exactly what comes to mind when thinking of a vegan eatery – with an infectiously relaxed atmosphere (often accompanied by live music), Ground Zero is a health café you don’t want to miss! They’re known in town for their delicious vegan breakfasts, lunches and treats as well as their freshly roasted Marley Coffee. We’d recommend sticking around for the evening atmosphere change as you’ll get an entirely different experience – Ground Zero often hosts soul-sounds evenings, movie nights and even skill-exchange sessions!


When visiting Ground Zero for a small slice of paradise, we recommend trying out their vegan banana and chocolate milkshakes, a breakfast bowls or even their toasted sandwiches. To read more about Ground Zero or plan a visit in your car hire Cape Town rental, please visit:



The Sunshine Food Co.


The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of The Sunshine Food Co. is their use of home-grown ingredients for absolutely everything – every unfathomably delicious dish is made painstakingly with love and home-grown organic ingredients. This little brightly coloured café has made quite the name for itself in the vegan and vegetarian foodie community in the Mother City for selling delicious and healthy patties, smoothies and juices, wraps and more! The most popular choices are the huge and hearty burgers, nori sushi rice wraps or the falafel balls with tahini – all of which we would recommend too!


Elevate your next car hire Cape Town trip by stopping off at The Sunshine Food Co. for a serving of any of their scrumptious vegan meals! To learn more about The Sunshine Food Co. and their organic and home-grown approach to vegan cuisine, please visit:

Addis In Cape


This little gem is known to consistently serve up incredible vegan and vegetarian Ethiopian food that’s guaranteed to make your mouth water just thinking about it. Addis in Cape is located in the heart of the CBD where the beautifully decorated eatery offers a uniquely authentic Ethiopian food experience whilst remaining true to culture and vegan or vegetarian dietary needs and preferences! From stunning hand-woven tables to warm greetings upon arrival, Addis in Cape also hosts a ceremonial washing of the hands before dining experience as well as boasting a large display of Ethiopian art and artefacts on its walls.


It would be a shame to miss out on such an incredible experience should you find yourself in the Mother City when you take your next car hire Cape Town adventure. Addis in Cape’s simple and user-friendly menu is conveniently split into vegan, vegetarian and non-vegetarian sections which makes the experience all the more enjoyable and effortless (something most people with special diets struggle with in mainstream dining environments). To learn more about Addis in Cape or to make a reservation, please visit:



We highly recommend giving at least one of these incredible vegan/vegetarian eateries a go when you make your way to the peninsula on your next car hire Cape Town adventure – just because you find yourself in braai country, doesn’t mean you have to eat meat to experience the delights of Capetonian cuisine!