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Cape Town museums are popular tourist attractions for those eager to get to know the history and culture embedded in Cape Town. AroundAboutCars has a car hire Cape Town perfectly suited to you driving through the beautiful city of Cape Town and enjoying any of our top ten museums. Hop in your AroundAboutCars car hire and take a drive through Cape Town’s history.




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Car Hire Cape Town:


Cape Town is a great place to visit when planning a holiday to South Africa. Cape Town offers the best of South Africa, with both stunning oceans and magnificent mountain ranges, and a unique combination of buzzing city life and serene natural escapes. Get a greater understanding of Cape Town by using your car hire to visit any of the amazing and humbling museums.




Top Ten Cape Town Museums:


We have found a range of Cape Town museums which will suit the whole family. Take a drive in your AroundAboutCars car hire, enjoying the beautiful scenery of the Western Cape, and getting to know this historically influenced space.


1) District Six Museum:


District Six was a residential area in Cape Town. This vibrant, dazzling, and daring space was home to over 60 000 residents. The Apartheid government decided in 1970 to overnight evict all the residents from their homes and demolished all the buildings in District Six. The residents referred to their eviction notices as “love letters” in true District Six style.


The District Six Museum aims to reconstruct the current historical landscape of Cape Town by asserting the memory of District Six and all those displaced. The District Six Museum is not only a recorder of history but is active in making today’s history. Included in the District Six Museum is the Homecoming Centre, a centre designated for all those displaced and finally returning to their home space. Education and university classes are offered at the Homecoming Centre to create a better and brighter South African history.


2) Iziko South African Museum:


The Iziko South African Museum blends the past and the present in this beautiful historical building. The museum hosts artifacts of cultural and scientific importance which range from 120 000 years ago to yesterday. This museum is a space where historians and scientists are always working on adding to the body of historical knowledge.


The focus on animal and plant historical collections in the Iziko South African Museum has deep relevance to the current environmental challenges we are facing. You will be awed by animals that once roamed the earth at this excellent museum. The Iziko South African Museum aims to preserve history so that generations to come will be able to view and understand the animals which once shared this space.


The wide range of historical artefacts means that the whole family will be able to find something they will enjoy in the Iziko South African Museum. Located in the centre of Cape Town, this is worth the stop in your AroundAboutCars car hire.




3) Heart of Cape Town Museum:


The Heart of Cape Town Museum commemorates a proud moment in South African history, the first successful human heart transplantation. This operation was done by Christiaan Barnard and assisted by Rodney Hewitson at the Groote Schuur Hospital. The Heart of Cape Town museum captures the drama, suspense, and historical significance of this moment in modern medical history.


Enjoy a guided tour through the restored operating rooms and watch a live performance of re-enacted scenes from this historically momentous day. For the faint-hearted, there is no need to worry. All live performances are done with a silicone dummy.


This is an excellent museum to visit if you are an international tourist. See where an operation which will be present in your home country started by visiting the Heart of Cape Town Museum in your car hire Cape Town.


4) Cape Town Holocaust and Genocide Centre:


The Cape Town Holocaust and Genocide Centre is a museum dedicated to acknowledging the victims of the Holocaust as well as the many other genocides which have occurred in global history. This space explores international and local moments of prejudice, racism, apathy, and silence to demonstrate the catastrophic consequences of these worldviews.


The Cape Town Holocaust and Genocide Centre highlights the importance of a society that incorporates care and respect towards diversity and human rights. This is exceptionally relevant in the context of South African history.


With numerous exhibitions and workshops, dedicate enough time during your drive in your car hire Cape Town to get to grips with this challenging and enlightening museum. To make the museum inclusive for both adults and children, there is no age limit on getting to know these important historical moments. This museum is an excellent space to be confronted by historical injustices and learn the importance of being a humane human.




5) South African Naval Museum:


The South African Naval Museum is housed in the original Dockyard Storehouse which was used in the 19th century by the Royal Navy. This museum displays the history of the South African Navy as well as South Africa’s involvement in the Second World War. Explore the submarine display, Second World War display, and the Sail Loft and Mast House amongst other attractions when visiting the South African Naval Museum.


Located in Simonstown, this museum is an excellent reason to take a scenic drive in your AroundAboutCars car hire. Many tourists enjoy both the history of South Africa’s Navy and the beautiful settings of this museum.


6) Warrior Toy Museum:


The Warrior Toy Museum is perfectly suited to intrigue adults and excite children. Drive your car hire Cape Town to enjoy the wonder of the many collectable toys in this museum. The museum is home to cars, dolls, teddy bears, models, ships, and many more exciting collectable toys. Look back on your childhood and history at the same time in this unique and quaint museum.


If toy collection is a passion of yours, then you have come to the right museum. Not only do you get to enjoy the collectable toys on display, but there are certain toys available for purchase. If you have come to South Africa to complete your toy collection, then the Warrior Toy Museum is a great place to start.


The Warrior Toy Museum is also located in Simonstown. This is a great opportunity to create a day trip to Simonstown, starting with the South African Naval Museum for the adults and ending with the Warrior Toy Museum for the children, with a delicious lunch in between at one of the local restaurants. AroundAboutCars car hire Cape Town is a reliable car service that will get you where you need to go and enjoy touring around Cape Town.


7) Gold of Africa Museum:


The Gold of Africa Museum houses the Mueller-Barbier collection of gold artefacts and objects from Southern and Western Africa. This museum sparkles with the rich history of the culture, wealth, and power which existed in earlier African kingdoms.


This museum is hard to miss as the entire façade of the 18th century Melck house is painted gold. Park your car hire Cape Town nearby and enjoy an exploration into the past at the Gold of Africa Museum.


The Gold of Africa Museum is also home to a boutique goldsmith workshop. Here you can purchase gold jewellery that blends the traditional essence of the African gold artefacts with modern designs. This sounds like the perfect memento for showing your friends the intrigue and beauty behind African history.


8) Castle of Good Hope:


Locally referred to as “the Castle”, the Castle of Good Hope is a bastion fort built by the Dutch East Indian Company located ideally near the Cape Town CBD. This remarkable provincial heritage site demonstrates South African history eloquently. The Castle displays the impact of colonisers on the built structures in Cape Town as well as records the history of the Second Boer War during which the castle was used as a prison.


The Castle of Good Hope is in immaculate condition for the age of the building, even establishing a prestigious role as the best-preserved 17th-century architecture in the world. Both South African and international tourists will be astounded by the structure and story of this museum.


Enjoy strolling around in amongst the significant yellow walls of the Castle of Good Hope whilst touring Cape Town in your AroundAboutCars car hire.




9) Robben Island:


Robben Island is both a museum and a world heritage site, making it an absolute must when looking to understand the history behind Cape Town and South Africa. Enjoy a pleasant boat trip to the island and become informed on the dark history of South African Apartheid.


Robben Island was used as a prison by the Apartheid government for political prisoners. Many PAC and ANC political party members were imprisoned on Robben Island, but the most famously known prisoner is former South African president Nelson Mandela.


All guides on Robben Island are held by ex-inmates. You will be exposed to first-hand experiences of the life and dire circumstances which prisoners went through on the island. The fight for South Africa’s freedom is deeply entrenched in the walls of the Robben Island prison.


The Robben Island Museum is the jewel along Cape Town’s cost as it symbolises the triumph of democracy and equality over the oppressive Apartheid government.




10) Prestwich Memorial Garden:


This memorial site will highlight the dire history of South Africa’s connection to slavery. In 2003 a mass burial site was discovered during the excavation process for an urban development in De Waterkant, Cape Town. Historical evidence points to these human skeletons being the discarded bodies of slaves executed by Dutch settlers in the 1600s.


The Prestwich Memorial Garden is a beautiful and haunting space that pays homage to the lives lost during the shaping of Cape Town. Allow yourself adequate time when visiting the Prestwich Memorial Garden to fully soak in the impact of this memorial.




Enjoy the enriching and challenging history which has formed Cape Town when you visit Cape Town museums in your AroundAboutCars car hire Cape Town.