Car Hire Cape Town: Adrenaline-Pumping Activities in Cape Town

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Adventure seekers, adrenaline junkies, and memory-making enthusiasts, this one is for you! Get your heart racing as you paraglide off a mountain, soar from new heights whilst skydiving, or come face-to-face with a shark in any of our top ten adrenaline-pumping activities in Cape Town. Get to the adrenaline-pumping destination in style with an AroundAboutCars car hire Cape Town.




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Your safety comes first for AroundAboutCars. All cars are fully sanitised before the car is dropped off with you and the car drivers wear masks at all times. AroundAboutCars does not cut corners when it comes to ensuring every car hire Cape Town is fully disinfected and safe for you to drive.


Cape Town:


On top of the beauty, culture, and vibrant lifestyle which Cape Town offers, there is also numerous adrenaline-pumping activities to enjoy in the Mother City and surrounding areas. See Cape Town from a new perspective when you embark on an adventure in your AroundAboutCars car hire Cape Town.


With so many exciting adrenaline-pumping activities to do in Cape Town, it is going to be difficult to choose. AroundAboutCars is the cheapest car rental company in South Africa, which gives you more money to enjoy adrenaline-pumping activities in Cape Town.


Adrenaline-Pumping Activities in Cape Town:


We have found our top ten adrenaline-pumping activities in Cape Town. Get into your AroundAboutCars car hire Cape Town, put the location into your Google Maps, and prepare yourself for a beating heart and sweaty palms!


1) Abseiling:


Abseil Africa offers a unique adrenaline-pumping way to explore Cape Town and the surrounding areas. When in Cape Town, we suggest doing the Abseil Table Mountain. Abseil your way down the sheer cliff face of Table Mountain, and if you are brave enough, look at the views of Camps Bay and the Atlantic Seaboard below!


This experience is great for abseiling first-timers as no experience is needed. The professional Abseil Africa team will give you a quick safety briefing and a guide through the entire abseiling process. What greater place to experience your first abseil than off one of the seven natural wonders of the world?


The best part about adrenaline-pumping activities is the photographs that capture your excitement (or horror). Abseil Africa captures you abseiling down Table Mountain and uploads the photographs to their Facebook page. Post a photo of you heading to Table Mountain in your AroundAboutCars car hire Cape Town followed by you walking down the side of a mountain to wow your followers!




2) Shark Cage Diving:


If you are looking for a potent adrenalin punch, then shark cage diving is perfect for you. Shark cage diving is a great excuse to take the two-and-a-half-hour drive in your AroundAboutCars car hire Cape Town to the beautiful location of Gansbaai. Shark Cage Diving Gansbaai is one of the top shark cage diving companies in Cape Town.


Gansbaai is known as the White Shark capital of the world, although these numbers have dropped drastically in recent years. Shark Cage Diving Gansbaai is dedicated to the conservation of Great White Sharks and the marine environment. Supporting shark cage diving companies means you get to enjoy a morning out in the refreshing Cape Town sea whilst contributing to the preservation of the Great White Sharks you may witness.


Visibility for shark cage diving is best during the winter months. If seeing a few sharks up-close does not get your heart rate going enough, the kick of the icy cold Cape Town sea will have your adrenaline-pumping.




3) Hot Air Balloon Ride:


Cape Town is known for its numerous award-winning wine farms. Enjoy seeing these beautiful spaces from a different perspective in a hot air balloon with Winelands Ballooning.


Floating kilometres above the ground in a wicker basket is sure to make your adrenaline rush. Winelands Ballooning offers you a unique adrenaline-pumping experience without you having to worry about your safety. Your heightened senses will be in shock as you absorb the beauty of Paarl below you as well as the Cape of Good Hope and Table Mountain in the distance.


The Winelands Ballooning experience is especially ideal for creating a romantic setting. If you have travelled to Cape Town with your partner to pop the question, where better than above cloud nine in a hot air balloon?


Your AroundAboutCars car hire Cape Town is suited to any travelling you plan on doing whilst visiting Cape Town. Take a drive to Paarl and spend a morning floating above the Winelands in a hot air balloon.




4) Paragliding:


If paragliding was not already on your adrenaline activities bucket list, then we suggest a quick update before you get to Cape Town. This unique experience will have you in awe as you gently glide above the beautiful city of Cape Town.


There are numerous paragliding companies that will thrill you whilst in Cape Town. You are able to paraglide off of Lion’s Head, Signal Hill, Hermanus, or Sir Lowry’s Pass. The variety allows you to incorporate an adrenaline-pumping activity into your Cape Town schedule, see different perspectives of the Western Cape from above, and enjoy a drive in your AroundAboutCars car hire Cape Town.


All paragliding companies ensure that you are safe, comfortable, and thrilled during your tandem paragliding experience. Find a company that offers a video of you whilst paragliding so that you can have a keep-sake of this awesome experience. Plus, this is also a way to show your friends and family back home what they are missing out on!


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5) Skydiving:


Take the plunge and experience Cape Town from all-new heights! Skydive Cape Town offers safe and exhilarating tandem skydiving experiences from just an hour’s drive outside Cape Town city centre.


As you free fall out of the plane, you will experience one of the best altitude views in the world! Cape Town city centre, Table Mountain, Langebaan lagoon, Robben Island, and the Cape Point are a few of the amazing sites you will see whilst you are tandem skydiving with Skydive Cape Town.


Booking is essential and it is also important to arrive just before your booking time. Luckily AroundAboutCars car hire Cape Town will get you where you need to go safely and efficiently. All you have to worry about is the fact that you are jumping out of a plane.


6) Ziplining:


A great adrenaline-pumping activity in Cape Town for the whole family is ziplining. Make unforgettable memories whilst ziplining with the wind in your face and a beautiful landscape below.


Forest Adventures Zipline offers exhilarating ziplining experiences in Cape Town, Hermanus, Caledon, Mossel Bay, and Knysna. The Cape Town adrenaline-pumping experience begins before you have reached the zipline. Enjoy a heart-racing 4X4 trip up into Table Mountain National Park Reserve where you will arrive at the Forest Adventures Zipline platform.


Ziplining with Forest Adventures Zipline is an excellent way to experience the intriguing flora and fauna specific to Cape Town. From 155 meters in the air, you will see tree-tops, a vast expanse of the natural landscape, and the beautiful areas surrounding Cape Town city centre.


7) Crocodile Cage Diving:


If you loved shark cage diving but are looking for a new adrenaline-pumping underwater experience, then you should head to Paarl for crocodile cage diving. African Croc Dive is one of the many companies situated in Paarl which offers the unique and electrifying experience of getting up close to a Nile crocodile.


The thirty-minute drive in your AroundAboutCars car hire Cape Town will take you to Le Bonheur crocodile farm. Ideally situated in the Paarl Winelands, there are many places to enjoy great food and wine whilst on the way to your adrenaline-pumping activity.


Immerse yourself underwater and experience Nile crocodiles within their environment. African Croc Dive allows you to get close enough to count the teeth in the crocodile’s mouth whilst still ensuring your safety. Whilst you are crocodile cage diving the Nile crocodiles are fed by the crocodile handlers which will ensure a fantastic and hair-raising experience!




8) Paintball:


Paintball is a great stimulating experience to do whilst visiting Cape Town in your AroundAboutCars car hire. Both novice and veteran paintball players are sure to be thrilled when visiting Paintball Cape Town. Located in Cape Town, Somerset West, and Stellenbosch, you can easily incorporate this fun activity into any schedule whilst visiting Cape Town.


Get a group of friends together, split up into teams, and spend a day in Cape Town dodging shots of paint! This fun experience is sure to get your heart racing and be a cause for celebration for the winning team.


Paintball is also an awesome team-building activity ideally suited for businesses. You do not need to be on holiday to rent a car from AroundAboutCars. AroundAboutCars can pick you and your company up from Cape Town centre in our people carriers and transport you to a nearby paintball arena for a fun day of team-building.


9) Helicopter Flight:


Take to the skies and see Cape Town in all its glory in an exhilarating Cape Town helicopter flight. Cape Town Helicopters offers a wide range of helicopter flights that will take you high above the beautiful Cape Town settings. From helicopter flights over the Twelve Apostles on Table Mountain to the Robben Island scenic flight, you will find yourself clinging to the seat whilst smiling from ear to ear in a Cape Town helicopter flight.


The variety of helicopter flights available at Cape Town Helicopters means that there is an adrenaline-pumping opportunity for various budgets and schedules. Make memories up in the sky and arrive at your helicopter flight in your AroundAboutCars car hire.


10) Dune Surfing:


Dune surfing is an exciting adventure activity available in Cape Town. Sandboarding Cape Town is your go-to company for expert dune surfing instructions and a great time. Within fifteen minutes you will be ripping your way down the dunes making life-long memories with friends or family.


Sandboarding Cape Town is located on the way to Langebaan, a must-see destination for any travellers to Cape Town. Stop past Sandboarding Cape Town for an exciting adventure of sand, sun, and fun with dune surfing.


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Enjoy a wide range of adrenaline-pumping activities in Cape Town with your AroundAboutCars car hire Cape Town.