Car Hire Cape Town: A Capetonian’s Guide to Speciality Coffee in The Mother City

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Locals and tourists alike have become increasingly particular about their coffee and the science behind it, and that’s why Cape Town has seen an influx of coffee shops and speciality roasters popping up faster than you can say “double shot espresso” in the last few years. Capetonians take their coffee very seriously, and so what constitutes as a decent cuppa’ joe is as subjective as can be right now. In just a quick 6-miniute read, learn all about our picks for the best coffee shops and speciality coffee roasters worthy of a visit on your next car hire Cape Town adventure!

Rosetta Roastery


Situated in the heart of the Woodstock district of the Mother City, Rosetta Roastery boasts a warm and welcoming atmosphere with baristas that greet you the moment you step inside – they’ve got more going for them than just delicious coffee. The Rosetta coffee team brilliantly roasts and serves a wide range of single origin and estate coffee sourced from every corner of the world – from Africa, to South America – to Asia! We rate Rosetta Roastery as the ideal spot to check out if you’re after the iconic Kyoto slow-drip or cold brew style coffee – served beautifully with a macaroon on the side.


The staff at Rosetta Roastery however, is what makes the place so special – not only do they manage to serve up some of the best coffee on the block, but they make up a sort of A-team that runs like a freshly oiled machine. To learn more about Rosetta Roastery and why you should make a bee-line there in your car hire Cape Town rental from AroundAboutCars, please visit:


Haas Coffee


Just a block away from the iconic District 6 Museum, Haas Coffee is located in a stylish and comfortable space which exudes an atmosphere of relaxation. Located in an elegantly restored art deco style building, Haas is more than just a coffee shop – though they specialise in espresso-based drinks using luxury beans sourced from the world over, Haas also doubles as an art gallery and advertising enterprise. The stunning café boasts a wide selection of baked goods and serves a delectable selection of all-day breakfast options, perfectly accompanied by any one of their numerous coffee concoctions!


With single origin beans sourced from countries like Ethiopia and Indonesia, you know it’s gotta be good – Haas Coffee also offers a ‘morning-after’ special called the “Hare of the dog” which is their house blend coffee, blended into a banana, ice cream, and Frangelico shake, guaranteed to cure any remnants of the night before! To learn more about Haas Coffee or plan your next stop there on your car hire Cape Town coffee exploration, please visit:



Truth Coffee Roasting


This comprehensive guide would not be complete without a praise for the legendary Truth Coffee Roasters after being dubbed the “World’s Best Coffee Shop” in 2015 by The Guardian. This award-winning roaster and coffee shop deserves all the praise in the world as, even after receiving their prestigious title, they continue to prepare and serve coffee with “the joy of extraordinary truth” on a daily basis. Though the roasters at Truth, and particularly the owner, David Donde, all take coffee very seriously, the atmosphere is still funky, fun and relaxed at the shop itself – with steampunk interior décor, you’d think they’re compensating for something but this could not be further from the truth – Truth’s coffee itself is the real star of the show!


We would recommend any of David’s funky blends – his goal is essentially to eliminate all bitterness from the flavour profile of coffee (while trying not to mess it up) – some of our favourites include the chocolatey Resurrection blend or the rich and nutty Vengeance blend – all of which you can learn about in detail in store! To learn more about Truth Coffee Roasting or map out your visit in your car hire Cape Town rental, please visit:


Bean There Coffee Company


The Bean There Coffee Company has always been very vocal about their ethical approach to coffee sourcing and roasting – as an enterprise with several locations nation-wide, we get all the fuss about this place! As South Africa’s first ever roaster of certified fair-trade coffee, this is a hotspot on our list of must-try coffee spots – Bean There is known to source its beans from Tanzania, Rwanda, Kenya and Ethiopia – all of which boast individual single origin unblended varieties. Bean There Coffee Company specifically roasts their beans in small batches for consistency and optimal quality, making the coffee tasting and drinking experience in house just that much better.


We recommend any of the blends available in house at Bean There, get a seat at the bar so you can witness the roasting action in the back and drool over the delightful treats on display under extravagant cloches up front. To learn more about Bean There Coffee Company or plan a visit to one of their many branches on your next car hire Cape Town adventure, please visit:



Kamili Coffee


This incredibly affordable and relatively under-the-radar coffee roaster and shop is slowly taking over the coffee loving community of Cape Town with its coffee being served in many of the Mother City’s best restaurants. Compared to the other one-word named coffee companies in the area, Kamili lacks the social hype but has an abundance of potential and flavour to truly pack a punch in the Cape Town coffee world. Kamili directly translates to “perfect” in Swahili, which is the best way possible to describe what’s served up in your cup when you step foot inside the quaint and cute little shop with an Insta-worthy façade peeking out in the heart of the old District 6, on the busy and buzzing Long Street.


At Kamili Coffee there is no more settling for your basic espresso-based drinks, these baristas serve up some of the best drip coffee, full immersions and cold brew’s you’ll ever try – you could drink this coffee all day (and you should!). To learn more about the innovative work being done at Kamili Coffee or to plan your next stop at this little hidden gem for your next car hire Cape Town adventure, please visit:



Bootlegger Coffee Company


Bootlegger branches are considered to be a haven for digital nomads that enjoy working remotely and who also happen to have a coffee addiction! The unlimited Wi-Fi, long operating hours and cosy atmosphere alone are enough reason to go there but the cherry on top is the superb coffee on offer. With over a dozen locations in the greater peninsula area, ranging from Kalk Bay to Sea Point, Bootlegger has become a staple for coffee-lovers locally without losing its artisanal and unique appeal.


Bootlegger sources their beans from countries like Guatemala, Tanzania and Costa Rica, all of which range from medium to dark roasts and display hints of toasted hazelnut, dark chocolate and caramel – truly decadent! To learn more about the impeccable Bootlegger Coffee Company or which location to make a pit stop at on your next car hire Cape Town journey, please visit:

Origin Coffee Roasting


Being one of the oldies in the city doesn’t mean you lose your popularity, quite the opposite actually! Origin Coffee Roasters have been around since before artisan coffee took Cape Town by storm, and they’ve never lost their appeal. Origin was one of the first quality-focussed coffee shops in the city, they’ll make your coffee pretty much any way you like it and they’ll do it exceptionally (even if you’re a certified coffee snob). Situated in Cape Town’s buzzing De Waterkant, Origin Coffee Roasters has a chic and industrial atmosphere with a minimum of eight single-origin coffees available daily as well as a classic house blend (so there’s always plenty to choose from).


Origin Coffee makes for the perfect spot to bang out work emails, sit and unwind with a book, observe the skilled baristas and ask questions at the bar or even just do some people watching! To learn more about the impeccable coffee on offer at Origin, or to map out your route to the shop on your next car hire Cape Town coffee tasting trip, please visit:

Tribe Coffee Foundry Café & Roastery


This trendy, Woodstock-located coffee bar attracts all the interesting and hip characters from the area, so you know it must be good! The shop uses Malawi Gold – a dark roast blend of African beans that make for the absolute perfect cappuccino or flat white. The laid-back atmosphere of this quaint little place is what draws you in, and the coffee is what makes you stay – with friendly baristas and a plethora of tasty snacks and sweet treats to compliment the coffee, Tribe is the kind of place you can and should stay at all day.


Interestingly, the second Tribe Coffee location is situated in a BMW motorcycle dealership in Cape Town’s CBD, but the atmosphere of the Woodstock branch (the OG, as it is called) is far more inviting and comforting. To learn more about Tribe Coffee, how they source and why they’re worth your visit on your next car hire Cape Town trip to the vibey Woodstock, please visit:



Deluxe Coffeeworks


Deluxe Coffeeworks is the kind of place that does exactly what good coffee roasters should do best – they make excellently crafted coffee, and that’s about it. What we mean is, there’s no Wi-Fi available at any of the Deluxe branches, nor is there food – it’s just plain and simple coffee and for any true coffee lover, this should be enough. The original roastery branch, located on the bustling Church Street in city central, supplies coffee to many of the surrounding restaurants and hotels, making Deluxe Coffee a staple and crowd favourite amongst the locals and visitors alike.


With no frills to distract customers, Deluxe roasteries truly focusses on what’s in the cup – which is an excellent blend of Brazilian, Guatemalan and Ethiopian beans that are hand selected and roasted in-house daily. We recommend drinking it straight espresso style to get the most from the flavour punch, but if that’s not your style then the next best thing would be a flat white. To learn more about Deluxe Coffeeworks or map out your next pit stop at one of their stop-and-go shops on your next car hire Cape Town road trip, please visit:

Espresso Lab Microroasters


This little hidden gem, though small and quaint it is extremely popular amongst the coffee fanatics of Cape Town (and there are many!) for good reason. Located at the Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock, Espresso Lab is a basement-level shop you would swear is an alchemist if you didn’t look properly! The clinical and lab-like décor may feel impersonal but the friendly and charismatic staff and baristas make up for it with their warm welcomes and hearty cups of goodness.


Espresso Lab makes use of various methods of brewing – true to the scientific and experimental vibe they give off, with beans from Ethiopia and Costa Rica as well as some other notable blends, order from their periodic table menu and enjoy a little drop of paradise while taking in the weird and wonderful atmosphere. To learn more about Espresso Lab and plan your next stop at the Old Biscuit Mill (a Cape Town attraction you’d regret giving a miss), please visit:




Elevate and make the most of your next trip to the Mother City by stopping by one or all of our recommended coffee shops and roasteries for the experience of a lifetime – though coffee roasting might seem like a repetitive and boring discourse to some, it is quite complex and each of the establishments we’ve listed offer something special! You’ll be needing that caffeine to fuel whatever adventure you’ll be heading out on in your trusty AroundAboutCars car hire Cape Town rental, so might as well make it worth it!