Car Hire Cape Town: A Capetonian’s Guide to Christmas in The Peninsula

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Car Hire Cape Town Guide: A South African Christmas veers rather far away from the traditional notion of a Western White Christmas seeing as Christmas happens to fall right in the middle of our summer, but you’ll never find a Capetonian complaining! There’s nothing better than a summers-day in the Mother-City and a Christmas-vacay full of sun and sea. In just a quick 7 minute-read, find out why you should book your next Christmas holiday in sunny Cape Town as well as all the best spots to explore in your trusty AroundAboutCars rental!


Mid-Year Winter Wonderland or a Warm Christmas?


Whether you’re a Capetonian looking for your little taste of a white Christmas, or a foreign visitor wanting a change of scenery and craving a warm December, this comprehensive guide has got you covered! For those of you looking for a little mid-year getaway, be it to hunt for some rare South African snow (or rather sludge – eek!), or to snuggle with your loved ones and feel like you’re in Europe during the festive season – drinking Glühwein and eating gingerbread -, you just might find your ideal location in the most unexpected of places – Tulbagh! Yes, Tulbagh, a tiny little winelands town who makes the most of the South African winter each year by turning the main-street into a mini Winter-Wonderland, it’s not a far trip to take in your car hire Cape Town rental.

This family-friendly winter celebration is great for those looking for a fun and festive weekend-getaway in the middle of the year. It’s not the most traditional or conventional of Christmas celebrations, seeing as it’s 7 months off of the actual holiday, but the quirky and cosy spirit of it all is destined to lift your spirits during the cold and dreary winter months. At Tulbagh’s Winter-Wonderland fiesta you can expect lots of vibey live music, wine cellar tours and tastings, food trucks and stalls, and a whole bunch of decorations, dressing up and parading around!

If a Christmas in June isn’t really what you’re after, then a warm and sunny Christmas is what you can expect from Cape Town in December. A true Capetonian Christmas is all about the Braais, swapping out snowmen for sandcastles, the Cape Town Festival of Lights and big Christmas-Carol shows! There’s a lot going on in Cape Town during the festive season, it wouldn’t be classified as conventionally Christmas-y by most tourists but we can guarantee you’ll still have a blast and be feeling the Christmas-spirit.

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There’s plenty to do and to see during Cape Town’s busiest month of the year so you’ll be needing a car hire Cape Town rental to get you around, and there’s no better choice than AroundAboutCars. Below you’ll find a full and far-reaching guide on how to make the most of your Cape Town Christmas experience, whether you’re hunting for snow in June after a quick mid-year festivity, or looking for a list of some of the most imperative sights and activities for the whole family on your next Capetonian Christmas adventure!

Christmas in June: Mid-Year Snow-Hunting in Your Car Hire Cape Town Rental


So, you’ve decided to give the mid-year mini-Christmas celebration a go and you’re hunting for some snow on the way to or back from Tulbagh – we’ve got you covered! The Cape, specifically the mountainous and higher-altitude regions like the Matroosberg, is known for its possible snow-fall during the winter months, something which most South Africans get very excited for and reserve a kind of child-like wonder about because it is so far from what they know. Below you’ll find a few tips and tricks to guide you through your winter snow-hunting experience, ranging from what kind of car you’ll be needing, what to keep an eye out for before going and where the best spots are that you’re almost guaranteed a snow-angel opp:

− Prepare to be cold: This is pretty self-explanatory but its super important to keep in mind (especially if you’re going with kids) that snow-climate is way more intense and bitterly-cold than the standard rainy and misty cold you’ll experience in other parts of South Africa. Be sure you’ve got well-insulated and water-proof boots, clothes that can easily be layered and spare blankets!

− 4×4 is the way to go: When it comes to having the right car for this kind of activity, you’ll be needing something that is built to tackle rough terrain. AroundAboutCars has an extensive fleet catered to just about any car hire Cape Town needs you may have, be sure to ask one of our trained and experienced professionals for advice on finding the right car for snow-hunting or an excursion into mountainous areas!

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− Weather forecasts: This in and of itself may seem quite obvious, but when it comes to snow-fall in South Africa (which is already a rarity), keeping a watchful eye on how the forecasts may change from day-to-day is part of the adventure and fun of going snow-hunting! It is important here to maintain a degree of flexibility in your schedule so as to hit the road at the right time to have the best possible snowy experience. is a great resource for this and is ensured to advise you on the best day for a snow-hunting, it the ultimate tool for planning your trip!

− Matroosberg Private Nature Reserve: Just a mere two-hour drive outside of Cape Town city, the Matroosberg is known among locals as the most-likely location for snow-fall when a cold front hits the Cape. Your best bet, once you’ve got the go-ahead from the weather forecast, is to hop in your car hire Cape Town rental and to head straight for Erfdeel, a fully operational farm just outside of Ceres in the Matroosberg, where you are likely to find many other Capetonians or tourists enjoying playing and having photoshoots in the snow!

− The Klonydke Cherry Farm: No, not like the beloved ice cream bar! The Klondyke Cherry Farm is situated in the Matroosberg town of Ceres. It is known for its consistent snow-fall in the winter months and colourful and ethereal scenery in the summer. The Klondyke farm also has three stunning self-catering cottages on the farm which makes for a great spot to wait out for the snow to hit, this also means you won’t have to battle with driving in the snow or being stuck in traffic in your car hire Cape Town rental while rushing to see the snow along with hundreds of other locals!


− De Wilge in the Nuy Valley: If you’re not too bothered about racing to find the snow and being immersed in it entirely, or if you are looking for a more peaceful and luxurious setting from which to enjoy the snow-capped mountains from-afar, then De Wilge is the spot for you. Situated about a two and a half to three-hour drive outside of the city, this scenic drive in your car hire Cape Town rental will be well worth it when you get to this 1905 wine cellar transformed into luxury self-catering accommodation in Worcester. These apartments overlook a stunning orchard and the snow-covered mountains, the most luxurious options even boast Jacuzzis from which to enjoy the view!

Christmas, a Family Affair: Experience Cape Town with The Kids


Christmas is as much a time for family and unity, as it is for festivities and gift-giving, so planning a Christmas holiday in the Cape is the ideal setting seeing as there is an abundance of family-friendly activities – that isn’t only fun for the kids! Travelling with children can be tricky and often frustrating but AroundAboutCars has got you covered with a comprehensive list of where to go, what to do, what kind of car hire Cape Town rental you’ll be needing for these adventures, as well as a few tips and tricks to keep the parents sane!

− Get a Spacious Vehicle: There is nothing worse than trying to cram your whole family into a tiny little rental! Regardless of how big or small your family may be, you’ll be wanting to get a car hire Cape Town rental with enough space for the whole family to be comfortable and with enough storage for all the luggage and/or camping equipment! AroundAboutCars has an extensive fleet to choose from with plenty of options to choose from, we would recommend a sedan or an SUV for families with two or more kids.

− Cool Runnings Tobogganing Family Park: This place truly is fun for the whole family, parents can embrace their inner child with this activity which is fun yet exhilarating, it’s also safe for kids of all ages with ample supervision and safety measures! This is a great activity to keep the children busy (and to drain some of their energy) while also boasting stunning views of the city from the top of the hill.

− Carols by Candlelight at Kirstenbosch Gardens: This spectacular show is something you certainly don’t want to miss if you find yourself in the Mother City at Christmas time. A yearly tradition, this show is wildly popular among Capetonians and tourists of all ages – picture the melodies of your favourite Christmas songs in a setting littered with stunning warm-yellow glow-sticks and being surrounded by nature just as dusk comes down, it is absolutely ethereal!

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− Local Christmas Markets: There are too many markets this time of year to count! But what better way to see the city and get your Christmas shopping done than to hop from market to market in your car hire Cape Town rental? Cape Town’s annual Christmas markets allow you to miss the bustle and madness of shopping malls come the festive season, and they also sport many hidden gems from local retailers and designers that you wouldn’t find anywhere else! They offer a lovely setting to spend a few hours with the family, eating food truck-treats or browsing the unique selection of gifts.

− The Cape Town Minstrel Festival: It’s not exactly a ‘Christmas’ tradition or event seeing as it usually takes place on the 2nd of January, however if you happen to be in Cape Town over New Year’s too, this is a spectacular event showcasing the rich cultural history of the Cape of Good Hope! More commonly known among South Africans as “die Kaapse Klopse”, this celebration is a showcase of colourful costumes, contagious songs and drumbeats, as well as a spirit of freedom from oppression. Read more about the cultural and historic significance of the Cape Minstrel Festival at .

− A Driving Tour of Cape Town’s Christmas Lights: This is probably the best activity your family could do to elevate your car hire Cape Town experience! Cape Town has a long tradition of Christmas lights decorations, it is a symbol of unity for the city and it is celebrated through the likes of the Adderly Street Christmas Lights. Considered to be the “Main Street” in Cape Town, Adderly is decked out each year in a range of lights expressing the Christmas spirit as well as the eminent cultural history of Capetonians from different walks of life. Cape Town is known to showcase an incredible array of Christmas decorations which make for a worthy opportunity to drive around with the kids in your car hire Cape Town rental!

Whether you are in search of a little taste of a white Christmas and some festivities in the South African winter, or looking to experience an unusual yet delightful warm Christmas – which might just change your perception of the perfect Christmas holiday – this comprehensive guide should have you covered! Reasonable prices, no hidden costs and reliable car hire Cape Town services are essential to any family looking to book their next Christmas- getaway in the Cape of Good Hope, we meet all these prerequisites and more. AroundAboutCars has a wide variety of cars to choose from, we are the go-to car hire Cape Town agency for any of your Christmas-trip needs!