Cape Town Environmental Volunteer Programs

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Volunteering for environmental programs in Cape Town is one of the easiest ways to discover the hidden treasures of Cape Town’s biodiversity. See Cape Town from a different perspective, meet like-minded people, and get involved in an environmental volunteer program. We have selected our top seven environmental volunteer programs suited to any amount of time spent in the beautiful city of Cape Town. Choose AroundAboutCars for reliable, easy, and affordable car hire Cape Town when doing environmental volunteering.




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Cape Town:


Cape Town will quickly cultivate in you an appreciation and awe of the beauty of the environment. From Cape Town’s surrounding oceans to the glorious Table Mountain, there are so many opportunities to fall in love with Cape Town’s environment.


There are many environmental volunteer programs available in Cape Town to get involved with. Pursue your environmental passion, roll up your sleeves, and invest your time and energy into protecting the beautiful Cape Town animals and surroundings.




Environmental Volunteer Programs:


It is easy to find an environmental volunteer program suited to your environmental passions in Cape Town. Use AroundAboutCars car hire Cape Town to start your journey to any of these top seven environmental volunteer opportunities.


1) Cape Town Environmental Education Trust (CTEET):


The Cape Town Environmental Education Trust (CTEET) is transforming both children’s lives and the environment with their environmental education programs.


CTEET offers weekend programs specifically for youth who come from lower-income backgrounds. CTEET changes these children’s lives by offering them skills and experiences which they can use to gain access to Green Economy jobs, rather than falling into the poverty cycle or gangsterism. Each child will walk away with a better understanding of their city’s environment and how they can protect it whilst uplifting themselves at the same time.


CTEET hosts many conservation initiatives in Cape Town and is highly awarded for their consistent effort for the environmental changes they are making. You can donate to these conservation initiatives or get directly involved in one which captures your environmental passion.


CTEET offers you the opportunity to develop your skills with their training programs. Learn how to assist Cape Town’s youth by learning the necessary skills to help CTEET with mentoring and lecturing. CTEET enables you to volunteer your time and impart knowledge on Cape Town’s biodiversity and help uplift the youth of Cape Town.


2) The South African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds (SANCCOB):


The South African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds (SANCCOB) is an initiative aimed at saving, protecting, and ensuring the survival of seabirds that inhabit the coasts of the Western Cape.


Since 1968, SANCCOB has helped reverse the decline of Cape Town’s seabird populations. Seabirds are threatened by the decline in natural habitats and oil spills off the coast of Cape Town. SANCCOB will rehabilitate injured, sick, oiled, and abandoned seabirds.


One of the seabirds which SANCCOB focuses on is the endangered African penguin. One way to get involved with SANCCOB is to participate in their Adopt a Penguin program. You will get to “adopt” a penguin, name the penguin, and your “adoption” will ensure that SANCCOB can ensure the survival of your penguin for a year. You will be able to visit your penguin at one of the SANCCOB facilities.


Long-term volunteering opportunities are available where you can either help with educating the community, gathering research, or helping out at the SANCCOB facilities.


If you are walking along a Cape Town beach and find a seabird that is injured or in danger, you can easily contact the SANCCOB twenty-four-hour rescue centre. Calling SANCCOB allows for immediate action to take place which increases the seabird’s survival.




3) Greenpop:


Greenpop is a proudly Cape Town company aimed at causing a “treevolution” in the Western Cape. Greenpop is focused on forest restoration, food gardening, urban greening, and raising environmental awareness.


Planting trees is one of the quickest and easiest ways to become involved in the United Nations’ plans for ecosystem restoration by 2030. Thus far, Greenpop has planted over 150 000 trees with the aim to plant 500 000 trees. Enjoy immediate satisfaction as you help place your tree into one of Greenpop’s targeted areas, which are specific schools, deforested areas, and local communities.


As a volunteer for Greenpop, you can get involved by joining the internship program, join the Greenpop team at their many events, fundraise, or enjoy regular or sporadic tree planting. Sign-up to Greenpop to receive regular updates on when and how you can get involved with their environmental volunteering opportunities.


If your visit to Cape Town in your AroundAboutCars car hire is limited and you do not have time to get your hands dirty, you can help out at Greenpop in a unique way. Greenpop allows you to purchase a tree as a gift. This allows you to donate whilst receiving a personalised card suited for any occasion to gift to a loved one. Sounds like the perfect thank-you present for your host when visiting Cape Town!




4) Zandvlei Trust:


The Zandvlei Trust is an environmental volunteer program aimed at conserving the indigenous flora and fauna of Zandvlei. Zandvlei is a highly diverse ecosystem that deserves protection and celebration for many future generations. Getting involved with the Zandvlei Trust allows you to make an impact on a focused area.


The Zandvlei Trust is committed to preserving the Zandvlei environment through education. The Zandvlei Trust holds regular events aimed at informing the local and wider community on the importance and beauty of Zandvlei.


Understanding an area fully is one of the best ways to see what needs to happen to best protect an area. If Zandvlei has captured your heart, we suggest attending one of the Zandvlei Trust talks. Become empowered by the knowledge imparted by the professionals who work for the Zandvlei Trust.


You can also make a direct difference by donating to the Zandvlei Trust or becoming a member where you will be able to get involved with many environmental projects. One of the current projects is the removal of invasive vegetation from the Zandvlei wetland. This requires no experience and is an easy way to spend a day with friends or family making a difference in this exquisite area.


Zandvlei wetland is located in Muizenburg which is nearby Cape Town. This is an amazing opportunity to jump into your AroundAboutCars car hire Cape Town and enjoy a drive around the breathtaking Western Cape scenery.


5) Clean C:


Clean C is a beach clean-up organisation aimed at keeping the Blouberg beach clean from litter and pollution. Use AroundAboutCars car hire Cape Town on the first Saturday of every month to spend time cleaning up this beautiful beach. Bags and gloves are provided to you so that all you need to do is arrive with eager friends and family.


This environmental volunteer program comes with perks if you are on holiday in Cape Town. You get to enjoy a morning along one of Cape Town’s most beautiful beaches soaking up the amazing views and sunshine. After your morning of good work, you can rent a SUP or kiteboard from one of the local companies and spend time in the water you have just worked hard to keep clean.


6) Friends of the Liesbeek (FOL):


Friends of the Liesbeek (FOL) is a non-profit organisation that keeps the Liesbeek River clean from pollution and alien invader species. FOL hosts an initiative named T.R.A.S.H, which stands for Taking Rubbish Away, Saving Habitat. On the first Saturday of every month, you will find a team of volunteers getting down and dirty to keep this important Cape Town river pristine.


FOL will provide the needed rubbish bags and even sponsor you a cup of coffee at The Wild Fig restaurant to help keep you going as you help clean the river. It is suggested to wear old clothing, gumboots, and non-disposable gloves.


Volunteering at a river clean-up is an easy environmental program to get involved in if your time is limited when visiting Cape Town. The quick drive in your AroundAboutCars car hire Cape Town from the city centre to Liesbeek River makes it easy to incorporate into your Saturday morning plans.




7) Monkeyland:


Monkeyland is a twelve-hectare forest that is home to twenty different monkey and ape species. Over five hundred primates live in this free-roaming sanctuary where they are kept safe and protected. You can experience life through a primate’s perspective through the suspended canopy walk.


Monkeyland rescues monkeys that are kept as pets or from zoos, circuses, and laboratories. Many of these monkeys find themselves in unhealthy or life-threatening situations. Monkeyland helps increase monkey populations which had previously faced threat from human exploitation, deforestation, and natural disasters.


Monkeyland is suited to those who want to help out with preserving the primates who inhabit Cape Town and surrounding areas but have limited time to volunteer. By spending a morning at Monkeyland you are directly donating to the amazing work being done at Monkeyland. Alternatively, you can purchase a square meter of land to increase the Monkeyland habitat.


Monkeyland is situated outside of Plettenberg Bay, a must-see area outside of Cape Town whilst travelling in your AroundAboutCars car hire Cape Town.


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Get involved with a Cape Town environmental volunteer program that ignites your environmental passion and arrive there safely in your AroundAboutCars car hire Cape Town.