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The Cape of Good Hope National Park is one of the most amazing places on earth. Located only one hour drive from Cape Town and offering you totally unique and beautiful African fauna and flora. It is essential to hire a car for this trip as you need to spend almost the entire day in this incredible national park. We rented a car at Around About Cars and the car was ready as we requested, all paperwork being dealt with very professionally and courteously. I left early in the morning with my friend, heading south.

We used the  M3 highway going to Muizenberg which is the fastest way to get there. The traffic in the morning was quiet and to get there was easy because the roads are extremely well signposted. Aroundaboutcars offers GPS’s at very cheap rates. Almost as soon as you leave the city, your eyes are feasting on the stunning views which Cape Town has to offer . The area around Muizenberg, Fish Hoek and Simon’s Town is full of beautiful beaches, nice restaurants and promenades to walk around.

When we finally arrived at the gates of the Cape of Good Hope National park, it was amazing to think that just an hour from Cape Town we were surrounded by so much nature and so few people. The entrance fee is R90 per person but it is definitely worthy. After that was just one main road heading to Cape Point which was our goal. When we arrived the place looked awesome. Everywhere around we could see nice nature, blue ocean and special African flora. I just couldn’t stop taking pictures everything around me was just amazing. The parking is very close and staff are always helpful to assist.  We went straight to the lighthouse which is the highest point of  the reserve and of course the best place for breathtaking view.

This place is great to sit down and just enjoy the view everywhere around. We spent some time in the souvenir shop and continued our walk to on path to the point with better views. There are many interesting places you can explore just by walking. And the more you explore the more the views get even more incredible. There are boards with information about plants and animals located in all the areas making it easy to identify the incredible fauna and flora. We went back to the point to have a lunch and decided to go on the beach.

The beach was easy accessible by foot and took us 15 minutes to get there. That beach was called DIAS BEACH and it looked beautiful full of sand and waves from the Atlantic Ocean. There were only few people so it felt like private beach. We spent 2 hours there and got tanned exactly how we wanted. From there we wanted to see the Cape of Good Hope and take a picture on this famous historical place. Cape of Good Hope was crowded with tourists, all taking photos of the most South Westerly point on the African Continent.

Around the coast are very nice beaches to visit and explore more of this nature reserve. The best way is to do it by car which gives you mobility to do it your way. When you leave Cape of Good Hope Natural Park you can turn left and visit an ostrich farm if you are fan of African animals. On the way back we stopped for dinner in nice restaurant in Simon’s Town with ocean view and finished this day with good food. You can choose to drive back to Cape Town by highway or by the coast. We recommend you ride by the coast on Chapman’s peak. Driving there is a pleasure in many curves watching sunset over the Atlantic Ocean.

This one day trip is a must to do when you are staying in Cape Town. The best way is by rented car as you lose so much when sitting in a bus, completely relying on a tight schedule. We found Around About Cars to be a pleasure to deal with great service and excellent prices.

Gabriel Oprendek