Boulders Beach

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If you want to watch penguins and don’t go to the Antarctic, you get your chance at Boulders Beach. It lies on the east coast of the cape and it’s like one hour away with the car. The pleasure is not free, but with something about R100 easy affordable. After the entry you walk on a boardwalk the beach along, where you can see the first penguins. It’s really funny to watch the cute animals to waddle on the beach or swim in the sea. At Boulders Beach are always many tourists, which wanna make a picture or a video of the penguins, so you have to patient to get a closer view at the penguins, but normally they don’t run or better, waddel, away. The beach is very nice with the with sand and the big round rocks, but visitors have to stay at the boardwalk.




“Boulders Beach”

After you watched the penguins you can visit the small city “Simons Town”, which let remember at a wild-wester-town and where are a few nice restaurants, to get some food or something to drink.


“Simons Town”

You will not forget the experience of exploring Simons Town and Boulders Beach and because of this it’s a visit worth!!!

Author: Klaus Pichler