Augrabies Falls National Park

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waterfallsIt’s the world’s 6th largest waterfall which measures 56m in height and it downstream stretches over 20km. It was initially proclaimed to conserve a small area of geological interest around the Augrabies Fall.  The Khoi people called it “Aukoerebis” which means place of Great Noise made by the powerful flow of water. This park lies mainly south of the Orange River with 57 000ha.

Special Features:

  • Moon Rock – it’s a giant dome that if you hike it you will see the best views of the park.
  • Oranjekom & Arat
Augrabies - Rock Formation

Augrabies – Rock Formation

Things to seek:

  • Wildlife: Leopard, Mongoose, Leopard Tortoise, Giraffe
  • Birds: Black Stork, Black Eagle, Pygmy Falcon, Karoo Chat, Marico
  • Plants/Trees: Quiver Tree, Camel thorn, Desert broom, Driedoring, Shepards Tree


  • Klip springer hiking trail
  • Garib 3in 1 adventure which includes canoeing in the gorge, hiking out of it and a mountain bike trip back to camp
  • Bird Watching
  • Game Viewing in your own vehicle from Around About Cars
  • Dassie Nature Trails
  • Night Drives

How to get there:

Its located 120km west from Upington, a town that ha national airlinks to all major international airports and Around About Cars can offer you a vehicle there too.park_b