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Year in year out the 14th of February makes people happy: Flower sellers, chocolatiers – and all the lucky women who are the pleased receivers. As I am sure your special one and only deserves something special, I will encourage you for a 4×4 rental instead. Driving her to the most romantic places this most beautiful place on earth has to offer will owe you her heart forever.



But before we get to the recommendations I have to offer, let’s take a quick glance at the cause for all the jubilant or broken hearts – depending on the attention they are subjected to…

Who is the mysterious saint behind the tradition?


Just that the US-American post office gets the chance to recover from the abundance of Christmas’ parcels they had to deliver, an estimated 145 million Valentine’s Day cards are sent out as soon as the 14th of February is in sight. Even worse: The mailmen can’t really blame someone, as numerous legends entwine around the romantic tradition.


It starts with more than a dozen Saints, including a pope, all called Valentine. The most commonly held view supports the myth of an ancient Roman priest who lost his life due to holding wedding ceremonies against the Emperor’s will.


But you can choose and rather go for the martyr helping Christians who faced death for reasons of origin and religion.


Maybe you prefer the saga of the French and English who believed in the 14th of February as the start of the birds’ mating season.


I do have a final option. Nothing to do with a single person or some loving birds, it instead traces back to a pagan celebration. In the course of this fertility festival all bachelor women wrote their names on some parchments, becoming paired with unmarried men.


If you might think of this one of love or not – one fact is undeniable:


Valentine’s Day has been popular all around the world for centuries. Once a year is not enough to show your affection? No problem: There are many more theories about the origin of Valentine’s Day apart from the above mentioned. And with that, you can easily celebrate on November the 3rd, January the 7th or other set dates during the year too…


No reason for staying at home! Smooth travel to and in South Africa


But now it is February, and you will be having a great time with your 4×4 rental in South Africa! As there is no reason not to fly in for a holiday, no reason to not travel within the country … With level 3 in place, South Africa has little restrictions compared to other countries. Flee the hard lockdown and the winter weather in Europe and relax in the sun, change your busy working schedule in Bloemfontein and decide on a car hire with Around About Cars and get to the Western Cape for the month of love!



Yes, I am aware of it: The Covid-regulations in South Africa officially only end one day after the 14th of February. But that should not stop you from enjoying your time with a 4×4 rental in this magnificent country, heading to some amorous getaways.


Thinking of flying here from abroad?


International travel is open! All other rumours in the news or on social media are exactly that: rumours! If for business, leisure or both: You are allowed in – regardless of your place of origin.


More than 25 international airlines operate as usual, inter alia Lufthansa, Air France, Austrian and Delta Airlines. All you have to do is to buy one of the presently bargain tickets to Johannesburg, Cape Town or Durban and to adhere to the health and safety protocols as well as the entry requirements. They are not much different from the ones you are used to. You must be in possession of:


A valid passport, valid ticket, valid visa if applicable

A negative PCR or Covid-19 test certificate issued 72 hours before departure at the latest – children under the age of five years are excluded.

A face mask which you will have to wear on the plane and I public spaces – children under the age of two/six years are excluded

A completed Entry Health Screen Form (might be filled in on arrival)

A proof of accommodation in South Africa

South African visa application centres are open here and abroad, and all long-term visas will be reinstated.


Getting back is even easier (although I would still not know why you should want to….): There is no requirement for a negative PCR test from this side, simply check with the regulations of the country you wish to get back to. Need one? More than 200 testing sites across the country allow you to get your necessitated certificate within minutes.


Traveling within the country’s borders?


Now that you are here, you wish to jump into your 4×4 rental car, getting around and about? You live here, and now that the holiday season dies down, you are dying to take the chance of traveling? Traffic is free flowing, the roads are in a perfect condition. Just do it! You will not have to submit any health documents nor are you restricted to stay in the region you are from or arrived in.




14 ideas for 2 for the 14th of the 2nd


So, now that you are here, let’s make a plan on how to impress your loved one on Valentine’s Day. Most importantly, irrespective of the choice you make: Hire a car! A 4×4 rental enables you to get anywhere you want in comfort and style. Experience the impressive country by hiring a vehicle from Around About Cars. Like this, you can stop at any time to take in the unique views of the striking landscapes at your own convenience and for your own enjoyment.




1 Take an amorous short haul cruise


How about a cruise along Chapman’s Peak Drive and around the Cape Peninsula, stopping for a luxurious spa session and early dinner at the Twelve Apostles hotel? Awe at the unique setting between Camps and Hout Bay with its dramatic views over the sea, surrounded by the Table Mountain National Park. Relax in the warm salt-water flotation pool and take a stroll along the fynbos gardens before treating yourself and your partner for an excellent early dinner in the Azure restaurant.




2 Decide on a romantic long distance route


Now that you have decided on your 4×4 rental you don’t have any desire to only drive it for a short while? Totally understandable… Luckily, I found a perfect Valentine’s Day option for you in the Whale village of Hermanus. Have yourself spoilt in the Benguela, one of the region’s most popular lifestyle estates. Play a round of golf on the in-house court, take a dip in the pool and revel in the exquisite cuisine the Moody Lagoon Restaurant has to offer.




3 Drive, park and go – for a romantic walk


Ok – it might not be that romantic as you will definitely not be on your own. But maybe you are not that kind of loving bird and just feel like diving in the Capetonian lifestyle? Park your rental car somewhere along the Sea Point promenade and watch runners stopping for a stretch, young and old flocking to the grassy part of the promenade, admire the modern art installations and decide on having an infused water in one of the restaurants along the strip.




4 Self-prepare or have them pre-packed: Picnics with a view


Is there anything more idyllic than a picnic? You do not need a beach for it. Simply decide on a hide-away somewhere in the countryside. Pack all the food and drinks your better half could die for, pack it in the boot of your 4×4 rental vehicle and pack her and yourself on the driver’s and passenger’s seat, heading to your romantic spot. Rather indulge in a pre-packed picnic? Steer the wheel towards the Cape Point Vineyards and taste delicious snacks with breathtaking views on the Atlantic Ocean.


5 Get high with a tea for two


Stop – don’t get too overwhelmed of joy. Even I can’t offer you alcoholic drinks before the 15th of February, nor a weed despite its legalisation three years ago. But you don’t need any of those stimulants anyway. Just think yourself back in time, picturing British ladies nipping on Earl Grey as an afternoon social occasion.


Offered by upmarket hotels, having high tea means filling the gap between lunch and dinner with four o’clock cucumber sandwiches, scones, and petit fours while relaxing in comfortable garden chairs.



High, low and afternoon tea: Just as a piece of information – what you are about to savour should actually be called low or afternoon tea. It just does not sound as good … In contrary to the fashionable tradition, high tea used to be a hearty meal for the working class in order to sustain the needed energy, served at a high table after they got home around five or six o’clock.


Before I forget: Of course, you also get tea!


6 Don’t buy flowers for no reason


Buying flowers for Valentine’s Day will not attest your utmost originality … But if she loves plants, show her the whole lot of it! Stop your 4×4 rental car at the Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden and relish the pulchritude and diversity of the country’s indigenous flora. You can even order your ticket upfront online. Valid for 31 days from purchase it leaves you the option of spontaneously deciding on rather driving further south on Valentine’s Day:


7 Visit the penguins behind the boulders


The official Boulder’s beach walkway will not be open on until middle of February. But that does not mean you can’t visit the penguins. Just stop your 4×4 rental car a bit further down main road – they are still there and a perfect metaphor for showing her your eternal love: All penguins are monogamous.


8 Get on cloud nine


The same as international and local airplanes operate, you can book a tandem paragliding flight from Lion’s Head or Signal Hill for the two of you. Have the changeable nature of the wind decide on the duration, land safely on the promenade or on a sports field in Camps Bay and take home an unforgettable memory.


9 Step in the cableway


You can watch the spectacular sunsets in Cape Town from down below – or from high up, the top of one of the New 7 Wonders of the World. The Cableway offers specific sunset tours: You will be perfectly in time for the brilliant display, awing the setting with your partner before heading back to your 4×4 rental car, arriving at your accommodation just before the curfew starts.




10 Hike in the moonlight


Full moon will be the 11th of February. Still – hiking up Lion’s Head is always a good idea. Try to be up before the sun sets, so that you don’t miss out on the spectacular sight and the panoramic views. If you prefer an equally beautiful but less frequented route, make use of your 4×4 rental, head towards Kirstenbosch once more and take a



11 Dip in the Hely-Hutchinson Dam


Before you start: Take your swimming costumes! And then take the scenic trek of Skeleton Gorge up to the white-sand beach and clear orange water on top of the Hely-Hutchinson Dam.


12 Visit 8000 animals in 2 oceans


Never been to the Two Oceans Aquarium? Then it is about time! More than 8000 amazing animals such as musselcrackers and sea turtles, sharks and penguins await you and your spouse for a Valentine’s visit.




13 Stare at stars at any time


You find the five-star Cellars-Hohenort in the middle of Constantia Valley – and special offers for a Valentine’s Days picnic or lunch in the peacefulness of the award-winning gardens of one of South Africa’s best rated restaurants.


14 Have all good things come in threes


There is another highlight for this year’s Valentine’s Day – so let’s end this article with a special you can’t afford to miss: Win the amazing prize Around About Cars has I store for you and get three in one! Combine driving, sleeping and relaxing by entering the competition for


  • a two-day car rental voucher and
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All you have to do is to write a Google review about Around About Cars – adding a like and sharing the page on Facebook gives you an additional chance for winning the lucky draw. As you have learned, there are multitude dates on which you can celebrate Valentine’s Day – perfect, as the competition is open until the 28th of February.


Lucky in love, unlucky at cards? There is worse than that … You have still got your 4×4 rental, and you have multitudinous options to spoil your sweetheart.

There is no better way to spend Valentine’s Day!