Introducing the Suzuki Ertiga- fit for SEVEN people.

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Out with the Old and in with the New. Well not exactly new but Bigger, Badder and Better. This month we welcome the Suzuki Ertiga to our fleet as we slowly do away with the manual Toyota Avanza. Although, don’t be disheartened as we still have the automatic Toyota Avanza for all the loyal folk. As for the Suzuki Ertiga, we must warn you that there are a few Cons but the list of Pros will make you think otherwise. …

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AfrikaBurn Festival

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What is the AfrikaBurn Festival? The festival takes place this year from 23 – 29 April, where people come together, create art, burn structures, dress up in creative costumes, celebrate, build crazy vehicles and much more. All of the above is created every year by volunteers from Tankwa Town. It is a festival that keeps values. Values like art, love, family and culture. No advertisements. No shops. No nothing. A place where you can give without demanding something back and vice …

The Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon

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The Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon has a series of races that takes place over 2 days in Cape Town. The Two Oceans Marathon consisted only of the ultra-marathon when it was first run in 1970 and saw only 26 runners at the starting line. Since then, the 21 kilometer half-marathon has been introduced and has significantly outranked the ultra-marathon in popularity, attracting thousands of runners from all over South Africa and the world every year. The event now attracts …

Looking for Cape Town car rental over Christmas and New Years?

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Around About Cars is the only car hire company that can help you with a Cape Town car rental offer over Christmas and New Year. Offering incredible rates for Cape Town car rental and throughout South Africa for over 20 years, Around About Cars has strived to be your number one choice when the time calls to rent a car in Cape and South Africa. Offering you brilliant value for money deals and reliable, personalised service, you too can enjoy the perks of a …

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Where to see the Spring Flowers in South Africa.

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Spring has sprung in South Africa and natures flower blooming spectacle is in full swing so now’s the time to gather your friends and family, fill the car with supplies and head out into the sunshine. Whether you’re a flora expert or novice, young or old it’s impossible to not be captivated by the explosion of colour that carpets the various landscapes of South Africa every spring. Although famous for its rolling fields, the West Coast is not the only …

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Top new Cape Town food spots to try before summer.

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Winter has seen a few restaurant closures in the Mother City, but unsurprisingly, to the delight of local and foreign foodies, it has also seen a flurry of new restaurants opening up just in time for spring and more importantly, summer! Here are some of the top Cape Town spots to try before summer well and truly hits: 1. SeaBreeze Fish & Shell Cape Town has always been a bit “location deprived” when it comes to seafood-orientated restaurants outside of …