Best 5 Safaris in South Africa

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Best 5 Safaris in South Africa

Out of all of the amazing things to do in South Africa, indulging in one of the many Safaris can be the most tranquil and breathtaking experiences that you will ever have the pleasure of enjoying. A visit to South Africa will not only be culturally fulfilling but will leave images of beautiful landscapes and exotic animals forged in your mind that will create lasting memories.



Kruger National Park: Oneof the oldest as well as the largest game reserves in all of Africa, Kruger is located in the Limpopo and Mpumalanga provinces, and is around 5-7 hours north from Johannesburg.  The amazing park is 4 million acres of exquisite landscape and is open to everyone to view and drive around in their rented vehicles, provided they stick to the paths; alternatively, indulge in a guided tour and stay in one of the many beautiful luxurious lodges that are the perfect place to enjoy the finest cuisine, sit back and relax. Kruger’s safari lodges have been noted as being some of the greatest as well as most hospitable of all safaris in the world. Add a collection of large, beautiful mammals such as lions, giraffes, elephants and cheetahs with other various species of reptiles, amphibians and fish,  and you will see why Kruger is truly the top class of Safaris earning without a doubt a spot on the must see top 5.


Sabi Sands: One of South Africa’s most popular, world renowned parks where you can see the amazing “Big 5” animals year round, Sabi Sands also offers viewings of other African animals such as cheetahs and leopards as they roam around the African wilderness. The Sabi Sands offers some of the best lodging one could hope for, especially those in search of privacy and a safe place to park their rented vehicle. Sabi Sands is right beside Kruger Park making it slightly over an hours drive between the two. If you are coming from Johannesburg, it is around a 6-hour drive with plenty to see along the way. Combine all the remarkable lodges, breathtaking scenery and game drives and you can guarantee an exhilarating experience. To ensure that you don’t miss out on any of this, be sure to rent a car from – the best way to venture around Sabi Sands.


Addo Elephant National Park: The third largest park in South Africa, Addo Elephant National Park boasts beautiful landscapes, exceptional lodging and not to mention a chance to catch a sighting of the “Big 7” – elephants, black rhinos, buffalo, lion, leopard, great white sharks, sperm whale as well as all the other wildlife you can imagine across the 120,000 hectares of land found along the Sundays River. The park offers many five star lodges which boast remarkable cuisine and accommodation such as the Kuzuko Lodge or Addo Elephant Safari Lodge that organises drives to areas that suit your elephant viewing needs. The park is located in the Eastern Cape and is the most popular reserve in the area, not far from Port Elizabeth. Use your journey to and from the National Park to take in the sights in the region such as beautiful buildings, museums and aquariums centrally located and within easy driving distance for your rented vehicle. Those visiting from the Western Cape will journey for around 7 hours to get to the park while it can take up to 13 hours from Johannesburg.


Hluhluwe Imfolozi Park: One of South Africa’s most celebrated game park reserves, Hluhluwe Imfolozi offers an amazing diversity of animals and birdlife. Landscapes are beyond spectacular, offering gorgeous trees and plant life that will leave all who gaze upon them in awe. This is the only place in Kwazulu Natal where a sighting of the “Big 5” is common, mostly due to the park’s Rhino conservation efforts. Being the oldest game park in Africa Hluhluwe Imfolozi stretches over some 96,000 ha and though its only around 5% of the size of Kruger, the distinctiveness and the unique landscapes, animals and plant life make this park a must see. There are many lodges, bed and breakfasts, hotels as well as many activities one can partake in while you are there. If you prefer to cruise around at your own pace in your rented car then do so or enjoy one of the many game drives on offer. The park is located in the historical hills of Zululand at the Memorial gate and there are a couple of routes you can take but the recommended one is when coming from South or North is to turn off N2 at Hluhluwe village and follow the road all the way to the Memorial Gate.


Sun City Safari- Madikwe Game Reserve: Less than 2 hours drive from Sun City you’ll be able to witness the exquisiteness of one of South Africa’s largest game reserves. Madikwe Game Reserve has gained in immense popularity and is becoming a prime spot for tourism as it offers an extensive variety of wildlife. It is outside of the Southern Africa Malaria belt so it is ideal for those special family safari visits. It consists of around 75,000 hectares that promise amazing scenery to drive through and enjoy. The wildlife is also top notch as it offers the highly acclaimed “Big 5” as well as a huge variety of other wildlife for you to gawk upon in amazement; you will cross paths with hyenas, lions, cheetahs, hippos, wild dogs, elephants, giraffes, black and white rhinos and a multitude of antelope. For bird lovers and watchers, Madikwe Game Reserve is home to over 350 species that fill the skies and put on fancies of flight for all visitors. Since it is one of the largest reserves, finding lodges such as the Jamala Madikwe Royal Safari Lodge as well as many more will be an easy task. Madikwe is in the North West Province so it is around a 3-hour drive from Johannesburg and is located near Sun City. The drive will offer even more to see on the way so this is always a prime place to start your journey of South Africa.