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Pick n Pay Cycle Tour 2018

The Cape Town Cycle Tour is a competitive event that is enjoyed because of its scenic route. It is currently the world's largest individually timed cycle race and is the first cycling competition which takes place outside Europe to be included in the International Cycling Union's Golden Bike Series.


The Cape Town Cycle Tour has become an anticipated sports event across the world with over 40 000 cyclists partaking in the event each year to take on the 109 km route.

The event has included competitors such as Miguel Indurain and Jan Ullrich.

Cape Town Cycle Tour 2018 History

The first event took place in 1978. It was organised by Bill Mylrea and John Stegmann and named the Big Ride In with the intention to create attention to the need for cycle paths in South Africa. The event attracted hundreds of amateur and professional cyclists alike all in a bid to create awareness. In 1978 Lawrence Whittacker set the winning time at 03:02:25 and the route started at the Good Hope Castle in Strand Street and ended in Camps Bay. The Mayor of Cape Town at the time, Edward Mauerberger, also partook in the event. As time progressed the cycle event was later named the Peninsula Marathon. However, to accommodate the local newspaper, the Cape Argus, the event was renamed to The Cape Argus Cycle Tour. In 2014, the event was officially renamed to the Cape Town Cycle Tour.

The most appealing aspect of the event is that it includes various age groups. The idea is to encourage an interest in cycling from a tender age and to develop the interest.

The event comprises of the following races:

  • The 40th edition of the Cape Town Cycle Tour takes place this year on 11 March 2018.
  • The Junior Cycle Tour is a series of races for children under 12 years of age that takes place this year on Sunday, 4 March 2018.
  • The MTB Challenge is a Mountain Bike race that takes place this year on Saturday, 3 March 2018. The Scenic Route

Cape Town is not only known for its magnificent Table Mountain, it is also frequented by tourists from various parts of the world because of its flora and fauna. This makes for the perfect setting for an event such as the Cycle Tour and thus encourages cyclists to enjoy the scenic ride along some of the most wondrous and serene parts of South Africa.

The cycle route starts in the Cape Town city centre, leading towards the Blue Route into Simons Town and turns at the Smitswinkel, heads towards the coastline. The route heads up a steady climb up Chapmans Peak and then descends into short, steep hill called Suikerbossie. The route heads towards a less demanding downhill to the finish line in Green Point.

Refreshment stations and medical points are set up along the cycle tour route as well as a team of volunteers from various organisations to ensure that the cyclists are taken care of. Hospitality tents as well as entertainment await the cyclists as they reach the finish line at Green Point Stadium.

Contributing To Society

The events major sponsors are the Cape Argus, Pick 'n Pay and Momentum.

Through the Cape Town Cycle Tour, roughly R500 million is injected into the Western Capes economy every year. Many non-profit organizations have people that partake in the cycle tour to raise funds for their individual charities.

All proceeds are given to two charities namely the Pedal Power Association which uses their share to encourage cycling in various communities by hosting fun rides in the province. The Rotary Club in Claremont is also a beneficiary and invests their share into various fundraising projects.

The much anticipated event will take place this year on 11 March 2018.

The Cape Town Cycle Tour is a memorable event that has enlightened the lives of many cyclists. It has become a tradition for many families to partake in and is undoubtedly one of South Africa's prestigious events. From humble beginnings, today the event is an elaborate occasion enjoyed by South Africans and foreigners alike.

Cape Town Cycle Tour 2017 cancelled last minute

The 2017 race was cancelled on the day due to extreme weather conditions. Wind speeds in excess of 100 km/h in addition to fires on part of the route caused the event organisers to cancel after the first round of cyclists had started the race. The threat of possible protest action along a section of the route also increased safety concerns. Participants who had started already were turned back at the end of the M3 highway.

Some of the initiatives taken to ensure the Cape Town Cycle Tour 2018 event is off the water grid:

  • All suppliers related to Cycle Tour will be signing service level agreements specifying their usage and where that water comes from, and requiring a commitment to our Water Policy. No suppliers may utilise water for our event that comes directly off the City Grid.
  • Cycle tour has 360 toilets that are utilized throughout the event. Sanitech is their service provider and all water utilized by them will be grey water, obtained from various treatment plants.
  • Waterless soap solutions are being provided as opposed to wash basins for hand washing.
  • They will be monitoring and educating spectators on route to ensure there is no spraying down of cyclists or portable pools in use on event day.
  • All water ballast previously utilized for weighting down structures has been changed to cement blocks.
  • All refreshment station water will be privately supplied and will not come from the City water grid. We are also providing clearly marked grey water systems whereby excess water will be put into grey water bins provided and taken to a water treatment plant post Cycle Tour.

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