AroundAboutCars Car Hire


Established in 1995, AroundAboutCars started out in a modest car hire company working out of a parking garage located under a highway in the CBD of Cape Town, South Africa. During the early days, the building would flood every winter, clients could never find us (Google maps was non-existent), and those that did had to walk up a three-storey spiral driveway to even reach us. This made us so thankful to hold such a wealth of loyal clients and realise the importance of our customer service.

From our humble beginnings, we are now based just off Long Street in the Cape Town CBD for your convenience. We rent out more than 12 000 cars per year, continue to grow tremendously, and have a list of loyal clientele, some of whom have rented from us dozens of times, and even those who have had long-term rentals spanning years.

Nowadays, AroundAboutCars has an established online presence, and we are proud to say that it shows a 99% rating for client service excellence. With feedback like this, it’s clear to see why today, AroundAboutCars is the leading car rental company in Southern Africa.

So, why are we the best car rental company in South Africa?

Firstly, our Staff. We believe in personal customer service rather than using an automated online booking system to hire your car. Our highly motivated and compassionate rental agents are concerned with more than just sales. They are always negotiating the very best car hire rates for you, and want to ensure that you have the experience of a lifetime because we here at Around About Cars believe that customer care is key!

Most of our staff members have been with us for more than a decade. They have more experience than anyone when it comes to travelling the South African roads. Our staff will guide you on what routes are best to take, economical and popular places to visit and most importantly which car group is best suited for you.

And when it comes to your safety, our staff personally quality-check the vehicles to ensure our 100% safety record. When problems arise we immediately set measures to improve and ensure that service remains at its best. 

Secondly, we’re privately owned. Our car hire company is a family-owned business, unlike any of our competitors. You will find owners and staff alike in the office on a daily basis. How often do you phone a company and request to speak to the owner, but they’re never ‘in’. Not here! It is this kind of dedication and approach that sets us apart.

Unexpected incidences are always lurking, so that’s why you can contact us 24/7 to talk to someone who knows the ins-and-outs of car rental in South Africa, cross-border rentals, and is here to help you in any situation.

If you book with us, you are in the best hands. Trust is what is most important to us.