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Wow! We learnt to sing in so many languages over the last month!!!!! Our office was often crowded with competing supporters singing their hearts out. What a wonderful atmosphere it was.

We did not have one single complaint from any client over the entire period! Well done South Africa!

All the tears, the joy and overwhelming pride that we all felt over the last month has faded slightly and we have to grudgingly face a normal working day in South Africa.

But actually nothing shall be normal again for us here. The entire world has had the opportunity to look at us in a completely new light and I am convinced that we shall reap the rewards for many years to come. Furthermore I think each and every South African abroad was able to hold their head up high feel the utmost pride and could not but help spread good news about us. We have raised the world’s awareness and it is now our chance to hold it and nurture it forever.

Congratulations to Spain and every team for making this the best World Cup ever.
For all those soccer-fans who had to watch South Africa on TV and who are booking their holiday-flights now: We have cars for you to get you around. Please see attachment for our great specials that are valid until 31.10.10 and for after that period until we release the new season rates.

Remember that all bookings made now are guaranteed with the current rates. Please book early to take advantage o that special for the 2011 season as the prices are bound to go up soon.

As a last note, please support Bafana Bafana when they next play. They did us proud!!!

Geoff, Ray, Monika and your Aroundaboutcars-team