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Mozambique, the land of smiles, is a beautiful country with rich and extensive natural resources. Although agriculture contributes largely to the countries’ economy, their industry sees rapid growth mainly in the food and beverage sector, amongst aluminium and petroleum production and chemical manufacturing. The country also boasts a fast growing tourism industry. In the capital, Maputo, visitors to the city can enjoy a refreshing sea breeze being so close to the coast. There has been positive growth in Game numbers in many of the countries’ national parks, especially Maputo Game Reserve and Gorongosa Park. There are many important things to remember when travelling in a foreign country so before travelling through Mozambique you need to be aware of the following requirements.





We wish to advise that we have had many reports from visitors into Mozambique being victimised, having rental vehicles impounded for no reason and being charged astronomical amounts of money for all sorts of unprescribed duties and fees.
This behaviour has been prevalent over the past couple of months and has become more frequent, not only with our customers, but customers of many rental companies.
With this in mind, we would like to strongly advise that customers be discouraged from visiting Mozambique.We feel that the experience of the Mozambican border officials and other authorities spoils it for our visitors.  And not being local people or from Africa, it is quite daunting and not a nice experience.


We will keep you posted should this situation change.
Printable version of Mozambique cross border information.


1 ZA sticker

2 Set of red warning triangles
3 Reflective jacket ( must be worn at all times outside of car when attending to breakdown, accident etc)
4 Third Party insurance ( It is possible to purchase at the border but it is time consuming)
5 Copy of the registration documents/ cross border letter from owners of the vehicle (in that case you shall receive a cross border letter from us).

All of the above ( except no.5) are available at AA ( Automobile Association of SA) stores throughout South Africa and its the traveller's responsibility. They are also able to assist with updated road/travel info. 

The Car Rental Company will only provide a cross border permit and vehicle registration documents.


1 At the border post, a pass is issued. Follow all instructions before entering border building.
2 NEVER allow any assistance with completion of forms. Do it yourself ( officials are not allowed to help)
3 Always carry some local currency as various costs are only payable in local currency.

4.Do NOT exchange money at the border.
5 Declare ALL goods of high value ( laptops, trailers,  etc). There are too many stories of taxes being charged for undeclared goods. It is called a custom clearance certificate. If  you do not obtain it (and declare everything) they will make you pay a high fine when leaveing Mozambique)

Hot Tip: for anything you buy in Mozambique you need a export permit (every souvenir) otherwise customs will fine you.

DO NOT DO ANYTHING TO ATTRACT THE ATTENTION OF POLICE IN MOZAMBIQUE – always have all your papers with you and make sure all licences, car registration, etc are valid!


Visas for international visitors should be obtained before you get to the border at an embassy. The cost is +/- R 1000
1 R17.50 per South African  passport ( each passport holder must be present)

2 Road tax MTn 26.50 (SA currency not accepted)
3 Third party insurance R160.00.