The 6 Best Road Trip Movies

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Road trips are the staple of the restless soul. With a satchel of necessities, a good play list, a friend or two and a reliable vehicle one can cut loose from the big bad world and escape into the landscape of their thoughts. Hollywood has long understood this desire bringing countless tales of families, friends, college undergrads and lonely travellers alike to light. Here is a definitive list of road trip movies worth watching in your more wistful hours. If they inspire you then book a vehicle through Around About Cars today and make your own adventures.

Easy Rider (1969):


Easy Rider is the quintessential road tripping movie. Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper take off from Los Angeles across to New Orleans. Well known for its rebellious nature, one-of-a-kind soundtrack and incredible pedigree within the film industry; Easy Rider is a definite trophy on any road trip movie expedition.

Little Miss Sunshine (2006):


Released in 2006, Little Miss Sunshine is regarded as a piece of comedic genius. A dysfunctional family band together in a bright yellow VW minivan to bring a little girl’s dreams of pageantry true. Starring Steve Carell, Toni Collette and Greg Kinnear the cast interact so naturally that you’re convinced they are a real family.

Almost Famous (2000):


Arguably Cameron Crowe’s best film; Almost Famous follows a young William Miller as he travels with a rock band, Stillwater, on their tour of the US. In the hopes of writing for Rolling Stone magazine he tags along and experiences aeroplane turbulence, a bus sing-along rendition of Tiny Dancer and the effortless Penny Lane. A must for anyone interested in the rock-n-roll lifestyle and its pitfalls.

The Motorcycle Diaries (2004):


Adapted from book; The Motorcycle Diaries is a journey through the eyes of a young Che Guevara as he travels across South America in the company of Alberto Granado and one incredibly reliable bike. With 30 wins, including an Oscar, and 38 nominations this movie is proven to be a road trip champion and definite Sunday night guest.

Road Trip (2000):

A lighter alternative in this list is the hilarious Road Trip. Four friends embark on a whacky journey to retrieve a tape mistakenly sent to a girlfriend. Starring several well-known comedic actors such as Seann William Scott, Amy Smart and Tom Green, Road Trip is one of the quintessential college comedies.

Y Tu Mama Tambien (2001):


Rounding out our list is an artsy film directed by Alfonso Cuaron. Focusing on the coming-of-age story of two teenage boys traveling with an attractive older women; the story relies heavily on the themes of life, friendship and sex. Another film with great pedigree it has won 39 awards, including an Oscar, and has 30 nominations under its belt. This film is perfect for those looking for a journey of mind and body against the back drop of the road trip trope.

With all these gems to choose from don’t be surprised if you’re left with itchy feet. Around About Cars is on call to provide you with your perfect road trip steed.