Around About Cars Vouchers

Information on using Vouchers from Aroundaboutcars in conjunction with your car rental:

They can only be used once per person per rental. 
You cannot use 2 different vouchers for the same rental.
Vouchers are excluded between 14th December to the 5th of January of any year (Except Christmas Vouchers)
You must have a valid payment method accepted by us (valid master or visa credit cards- for any other payments please contact us) 
We reserve the right to reject vouchers
You cannot be used for third parties or forwarded without permission from aroundaboutcars
Vouchers may be used by family members
Vouchers only work in conjunction with prepayment
If prepayment is not possible we may be able to  arrange a cash refund – subject to collection at our office.
Please note that we may not have your chosen car available but we shall always try to assist you.
Valid driver’s licence for more than 3 years, an embossed credit card or SA Debit card and ID/Passport