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South Africans love their holidays – when we get the chance to organise a wonderfully long holiday we jump at the chance. Two holidays during the year are especially popular for holidays with friends or family; they are the summer holiday over December and January each year, during which families flock to the country’s numerous beautiful beaches, and the winter holiday, which falls over June and July each year. Road trips are a favourite activity during the June/July holidays in South Africa; families are known to pack their cars and travel to numerous wildlife reserves and beautiful towns over a course of three weeks – a popular way to do this is by using car hire in South Africa.

One of the most popular holiday road trips to take is one to the gorgeous Garden Route, which stretches from Mossel Bay in the Western Cape to the Storms River. The Garden Route is especially popular for students or young adults as the backpackers, which are scattered across the route, are extremely affordable and give the traveller a true sense of adventure. Towns to look out for on the Garden Route are the history rich Mossel Bay, the picturesque town of Knysna, the enchanting Wilderness and fun-filled forests of the Tsitsikamma. A trip to the Garden Route with friends or family will be unforgettable and a big bonus is, there is so much to explore here that you can plan your next holiday here too.

In recent years road trips to the Transkei area have become a popular destination for South Africans; it offers a true African experience with numerous small, traditional villages to visit. In Transkei you will stay over in backpackers and experience African activities, such as mud baths and visiting traditional African huts where families live and make their living. Favourite places to visit in Transkei are without a doubt the amazing Coffee Bay and Amapondo; promising you a magnificent and special experiences. At Coffee Bay, don’t forget to visit the famous Hole in the Wall. Road tripping to the Transkei can fill an entire holiday schedule and can easily take you three weeks or more to explore.

Another all-time favourite destination to road trip to in South Africa is the West Coast; here you will be mesmerised by small seaside towns and the West Coast’s approach to life. This is known as an area where time tends to stand still and things have always been the same. Towns don’t grow and families don’t move; nowadays you’ll see small Bed and Breakfasts and tiny holiday homes pop up every now and again as people have decided to opt for being as far removed from the city life as they possibly can when holidaying. These towns are known as the ‘artists’ towns and some of South Africa’s most talented musicians and artists have homes here – most of them you will find were born here. Places not to miss include Paternoster, Lambertsbaai and Darling. There is plenty to see and do; and visitors will definitely leave the West Coast relax and renewed.

South Africa offers an incredible number of places to road trip to; there literally is enough to last you a lifetime. Don’t forget about the amazing Wildlife reserves you can also travel to; which include Kruger National Park, Addo Elephant Park, West coast National Park, Cape Point Nature Reserve and many more. So, why not plan your road trip with friends or family, rent your car hire in South Africa and take to the open road for an adventure of a lifetime.